These natural Jamberry nails are so cute, and very easy to use!

I have something that is super fun to share with you all! I recently was introduced to Jamberry Nails through Misty Marr, an online friend. Jamberry Nails are a non-toxic vinyl nail wraps, and they have so many adorable designs! Whether you like chambray, solid, floral, dots, sports, french tips, or geometric designs, they have so many designs it will be hard to decide what to get!

I decided to get the Orchid Polka wraps, and I love them even more once I got them in the mail! I’ve been thrilled that Orchid is the color of the year as I really like that color!

This nail sheet will give me 3-4 applications, and each application is supposed to last for several weeks.

Orchid Polka Dot Wraps from Jamberry Nails. I was also sent the Application Kit, which made applying the wraps so much easier! You only would have to purchase this kit once, and it would work over and over again for all the different wraps you might get!

Jamberry Application Kit

When I first heard about Jamberry Nails I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to apply them. I’ve now  applied them twice, and the second time was even easier then the first one.

To apply them, follow these easy steps. 

1. Clean your nails with rubbing alcohol and let air dry for a minute.

2. Choose what size wrap you will need. This is super easy, you just hold the sheet up to your nail and choose the correct size.

3. Cut the wrap in half, and use a toothpick, tweezers, or the wooden stick that comes with the kit to hold onto it. You don’t want to touch it with your hands, as you don’t want the oils from your hands getting onto the wrap.

4. Hold the wrap in front of the Jamberry mini heater, or just use your hair dryer. You only need to hold it in front of a heater for 3-5 seconds.

5. Make sure you have it centered on your nail, and then just push the wrap on, pressing it firmly. Trim the wrap down with nail scissors.

It sounds like quite a few steps, but once you have done the first one it doesn’t take long! I think it takes 10-15 minutes once you learn the steps.

Jamberry Nail Polka Dot Wraps! If you don’t want to use nail polish that smells like chemicals, these are a great alternative! Another great bonus about these wraps is that they last a long time, where normal nail polish is doing good to last one week without starting to come off.

It is so much fun to apply Jamberry Wraps when you have little girls that want to watch! The girls had an absolute blast watching me apply the nails. I’ve held off on painting their nails, but if you like to paint your daughter’s nails they have matching mommy and me wrap kits!

Right now Misty has a Jamberry Facebook Nail party going on! If you join the party, there will be additional opportunities to win a free product! Also, when you purchase 3 nail wraps, you can get the 4th free!

You can enter to win a $25 gift certificate (the winner will need to create a customer account on Misty’s Jamberry website). This giveaway is for USA winners only.

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54 Comments on Jamberry Nail Wrap Review and Giveaway!

  1. I was able to sample Jamberry wraps and I *love* them!!! The sample lasted over two weeks – I had to change my nail polish (the sample was one nail on each hand) three times before I decided to take them both off! What a great giveaway.

  2. I love classic French! Also, curious your reasons for not painting your daughters’ nails. Is it chemicals or some other reason? I use Piggy Paint on my kiddos.

    • Helen,

      It’s just a personal preference. I wasn’t allowed to paint my toes or wear jewelry as a child until I was older, and looking back I appreciate my parents making me wait a bit. 🙂

  3. Flower shop is my favorite. I”ve never painted my nails because of the smell and chemicals, but this looks so nice!

    • I didn’t paint my nails, either, for the exact same reason as you! I was excited to find Jamberry, as you don’t have the problem of either the smells NOR the chemicals!

    • Ruth, I didn’t paint my nails for the exact same reasons as you. I was excited to find Jamberry as I don’t have to worry about neither the smells NOR the chemicals!

  4. “Flower Shop” is my favorite. I”ve never painted my nails because of the smell and chemicals, but this looks so nice!

  5. Trying to pick just one is hard! A favorite would be the silver floral on magenta, though I like the polka dot or chevron ones too.

  6. I recently ordered “fireworks” at a friend’s workshop and got them just in time to apply them for Independence Day. I’ve been wearing them for over two weeks…Jamberrys are really starting to grow on me…So many cute designs, and they really are easy to apply. I also have “white tip”, “white romance”, and “turple ombre”.
    I would very much like to try “seascape” 🙂

  7. I think I would choose the zebra and scribble hearts for my daughters to wear. I like the idea for myself but I LOVE the idea for my girls!

  8. I love these! I have several of the floral sheets and share them with my daughters. I would love to have a floral sheet and I love the red/white/blue ones too!

  9. Wow! I have heard the name Jamberries, but I didn’t understand what it really was until I saw your post. What a fun idea! I’d love to have polka dots on my toes. Or flowers…or stripes…or…. 🙂

  10. I’ve really wanted to try these, but didn’t want to invest the money without a sample. This would be the perfect way to try them!

  11. This would be for my wife and I’m not sure which one she would pick. She would probably pick something pink.

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