Homeschooling. That word either fills you with joy or makes you shudder in fear. It brings out the desire to buy all the books, snuggle on the couch all day and read, or it makes you wish you could hide in your room and forget that you ever committed to this crazy idea.

I think every homeschooling mother has probably experienced both of those emotions, many, many times. We have days of bliss and days where we think about searching for the nearest school we could send them to.

I’m not going to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. I think it’s almost impossible to avoid having some difficult homeschooling days once in awhile. The goal is to make those difficult days happen less and less.

Today starts a series where I’m going to take you along with me for a serious, very practical and real life look at how our last school year went, subject by subject. I’m not going to hold back, nobody is paying me to promote their curriculum here, it’s just going to be one mom sharing to another mom.

I’m also going to be sharing with you some of my plans for our next school year. I’m jumping ship and trying something all new, so I can’t wait to tell you what I’m planning on!

Disclaimer – I will be sharing items that are for sale in the Homeschool Build Your Bundle that started today as we go through the series, but it’s going to be items we have either used or plan on using. This is one of the best Build Your Bundle sales that I have seen in awhile, so I’m excited to share about our favorite items in the Bundle!

Build Your Bundle - The Biggest Homeschool Curriculum Sale of the Year

Let’s dive in!

Today we are going to look back on how the year went as far as our schedule and routine.

Before Emily was born I had created a pretty impressive looking schedule. It was the most organized I had ever been going into a school year. We used it a few weeks before she was born, overall it worked well, and then our sweet girl was born.

As I type this, I’m up early and feel halfway rested. This was not the story for most of our homeschool year. I knew having a new baby in August would be challenging on our school year, but I didn’t count on the baby not sleeping well until, well…the past month or so. Emily is still up normally 2 times a night, but it’s better than the every 1-2 hours, sometimes up for a few hours in the night pattern we had.

When mama doesn’t get any sleep, schedules vanish into thin air. Seriously, I don’t feel like it’s worth it to push through on little sleep for months on end and totally collapse. I think I’m more sensitive to this since I’ve already experienced a big adrenal fatigue crash after our oldest was born. I never want to go back to that type of fatigue if I can help it.

It’s easy to tell ourselves we must push through because we are supermoms. This time around I went back to bed a lot in the mornings after the children woke up. Some mornings I wasn’t out of bed until 10:00 in the morning! Some of you might be horrified by that, but desperate times call for desperate measures. 🙂

I could only get extra sleep in the mornings because I have teenagers at home, and also it really helps that Sean works from home as well.However all the sleep issues created some issues that I’m now trying to deal with. My children quickly became used to not having a routine. Sean is amazing at getting the children up and going on their chores, but after chore time it became free reading time, play time, etc more mornings than I would like.

We have started working on getting back to a good routine and it feels so refreshing! I don’t like strict schedules with times, but I love routines. We naturally flow from one thing to the next. (The Simplify Your Homeschool Routine Video Masterclass from the Build Your Bundle Sale looks really encouraging to establish a good homeschool routine).

What we currently are doing:

Current Morning Time

We are reading through the book of James right now. Then I am reading a Lamplighters book out loud to the children. We are trying to finish up math, so after morning time the children start on math, and music practice happens (cello, violin and piano).

Morning Time Plans for Next School Year

I’m seriously so excited (and nervous!) to dive into a more rigorous morning time plan next school year. We are going to be using the Morning Time Plans from A Gentle Feast this year! We have never had such a planned out morning time before, and I’m beyond excited to be going through a loop schedule of poetry, art appreciation, music appreciation, hymns, and read alouds.

There are 4 cycles in A Gentle Feast, and the Cycle 1 morning time is included in this year’s Build Your Bundle Sale!!

This is like a breath of fresh air for me, I’ve been trying to put together my own morning times for years now, and it’s never come together like I had hoped. This is everything I have always wanted, in one easy to print off package!

I also plan on creating a routine/flow/schedule for the new school year. Even if we don’t stick with it strictly, it’s always good to have something on paper to help me know what the day could/should look like!

So that about sums up our school year as far as our schedule goes. Messy? Yes. Frustrating? At Times. But it was messy for a reason. A new baby is always a good reason for your schedule to go awry. Life goes on, but a new baby is just a short season.

Are you wondering what the Build Your Bundle sale is all about? It’s a Homeschool digital sale where you can literally pick out what curriculum you would like, and get it for a MUCH cheaper price. They have bundles available to buy, or you can put together your own bundle.

The more you buy, the more you save! Seriously, look at the breakdown of this:

$100 retail = you pay $25
$200 retail = you pay $40
$340 retail = you pay $60
$800 retail = you pay $80

Wouldn’t you love to get $800 of curriculum for just $80? It’s really a crazy amazing deal!

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3 Comments on An Honest Look At Our Morning Time And Routines

  1. I appreciate your honesty.
    We work so much better with routine, but have had SO MANY interruptions, making our whole family life chaotic! You definitely feel that with everyone when this is happening!

    Our excuse is not a baby. Moving, beginning the off-grid life as newbies, building a cabin, and living in an RV with five. This has been one wild year!

    I hope you enjoy your curriculum choices!

    Keep pressing on! I enjoy reading your blog!

  2. Oh! This past winter was hard on me– pleurisy turned into asthma, strained voice, and allergies that still are not resolved. I know exactly what you mean about the kids getting used to doing their own thing!! I’m looking forward to a restart this fall, and trying Sonlight curriculum so we can do some subjects together. (Have you received my email about modeling the scarf for me?… I know you’re busy.)

    Liberty from

  3. I completely understand. We had an amazing schedule that started to become routine for us last year. Then comes baby in September. The came extreme PPD and PPA. School just came to a halt for quite a bit. I am slowly getting back to being ME. I am excited about next year. However, I have decided to slowly start integrating some things now. Thank you for being up front and honest.

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