I decided to link up with Kendra at New Life On A Homestead blog, and fess up to not being the perfect housekeeper! For those who cloth diaper, you know that when the child has a poopy diaper, it must be dunked in the toilet (unless you are blessed to have a diaper sprayer, which I’m not. But my birthday is next month, hint hint to family reading this!). After cloth diapering for probably 4 years now, I must confess that I’m not always quick to get the dirty diaper dunked, hence my husband will walk in our bedroom where the changing table is and say “what’s that smell?”

I think the worst moment was last week when my Mother In Law came over to watch our children. She was helping the children clean their room, and found a yucky diaper that had been sitting there overnight. 🙁 I was so tired the night before I just left it! Talk about being embarrsed! I am not the perfect housekeeper, though I do try. I have to say there is less dirty diapers sitting around than when I first started cloth diapering. Oops-I see a dirty diaper on my ironing board as I speak! Off to go clean it!

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