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I had an amazing start to week 13th! I had some energy come back and took advantage of it.

Friday I spent the afternoon in the basement and sorted through all the children’s fall and winter clothes. I’ve been ordering clothes on ThredUP for them, and I’m going to a children’s consignment sale in a few weeks to hopefully finish getting what I need for them.

After going through the clothes I made homemade chicken and noodles and mashed potatoes, with crescent rolls. It was the first time I made a big dinner since I’ve been pregnant. I went to bed really tired and haven’t recovered since then.

Week 13 Pregnancy Update! Sean said I frown all the time because I feel sick. This is my attempt at a smile. I was in bed most of the day and never put my contacts in.

I’m trying to be patient and wait for some more energy to come. I also thought I was through getting sick, but totally lost the hot chocolate I drank the other night. A few more weeks….I keep telling myself that. 🙂 My family is being amazing and helping out a lot.

I’ve had a lot of headaches in my neck, and I’ve been trying different natural things to help. The best thing ever was putting peppermint essential oil on my neck. It was really amazing how well it helped. Peppermint is totally natural and is safe during pregnancy. I’ve learned it is best for me to wash my hands after putting it on, I made the mistake of rubbing my eye and it hurt really bad!

The baby is almost 3 inches long, is the size of a pea pod and weighs nearly an ounce! I can’t wait to start feeling a lot of movement, it is so special to feel baby kicks! Deborah talks all the time about the baby that is coming. It is really sweet to hear a 2 year old be so excited about a new baby!


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  1. Hello Caroline — Sorry you don’t feel so great and hope you feel better. And even though my three sons are grown young men I well remember how amazing and exciting it was to feel them kicking around inside. Enjoy the journey and praying you can smile more real soon 🙂 Blessings on you and your family and thanks for the blog link up each week.

  2. Hi there! I’m at 13 weeks too! This is my 3rd, and this pregnancy has been my worst so far. Lots of morning (all day) sickness, exhaustion, headaches, backaches (already?!?!). I hope the next few weeks fly by so I can get some relief for a bit. I will have to try the peppermint oil! Thanks for the suggestion. I am enjoying following your pregnancy as it coincides with mine. Praying for you and our babies!

  3. I’m also 13 weeks along (as if today)! And have enjoyed reading your blog for a while. I am sorry for the illness. I have been suffering from extreme morning (all day) sickness as well. Mine also is not gone! But I did want to say, I love using peppermint for headaches. But it doesn’t always work all the time. So I started mixing in Frakencinse and that did the trick! Works to relieve then pain quickly and almost a sure fix.

    I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  4. Bless you for partnering with God in creating another masterpiece! If I had opportunity, I’d try adding gelatin into my diet during pregnancy — I too was sick all the time, every time (doubly so with the twins) . With my last, I discovered protein helped — I felt so much better when I added hemp hearts into my diet in particular. Now, I’ve discovered that gelatin is also VERY healthy … and an exceptional source of protein. Personally, I use the Great Lakes beef gelatin since it is raised on grass-fed beef. You can easily add it to warm drinks and never know it’s there. Tea, coffee … BUT my favorite is hot chocolate: 1 Tbsp raw organic cacao, stevia (or honey) to sweeten, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1- 1.5 Tbsp raw coconut oil, hot water to 2/3 cup, 2-3 Tbsp raw cream – mix 1 Tbsp gelatin into 1/4 cup cold water & let sit for a couple minutes, then add to the hot chocolate. So soothing, so yummy, so filling!! And I would suspect it would be a great addition to a pregnancy diet…but I turn 50 this year, so probably no more Baby blessings here. If you try it and it works, would you let me know?

  5. There’s actually a lot of conflicting information on whether peppermint essential oil is safe during pregnancy! A small amount here and there for headaches is probably OK, but I would not overdo it

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