Embracing Intimacy


Embracing intimacy. That’s not what most wives like to hear. By the end of the day we are exhausted and touched out. When you are nursing a baby and have a toddler clinging to you all day, all you want is a little peace and quiet. You fall into bed hoping your husband is just as tired as you are. And this happens night after night after night.

Marriage is under attack more then ever these days. The actual institution of godly marriage is being ripped apart and thrown away by the homosexual agenda. Marriage is quickly no longer being defined as a man and a woman taking holy vows. The way God set up marriage in the garden of Eden is struggling to stay in existence.

Faithfulness in marriage is another source of grief. Even among Christians, affairs are becoming more and more common. And it’s not just men who are having the affairs, I’m hearing more and more stories of women being unfaithful as well. While some marriages survive these affairs, many do not and they crumble and end with a judge declaring them divorced.

Why is there so much unfaithfulness? Why do even Christians fall prey to these temptations of the flesh? Satan is fighting hard to destroy marriage, but as Christian wives we can do our own part in trying to keep it together.

When it comes to intimacy, we women tend to forget how important that is for our husbands. Very few men would turn their wives away if they came to them acting romantic. Do you know how awesome you would look in your husband’s eyes if you actually planned out a romantic evening?

With Valentine’s Day coming up it is the perfect time to stop and focus on your marriage instead of just your children. It doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. It is possible to do with children in the house.

Here is what we have done over the years when we want a special date night at home. (Affiliate Links Included)

Feed the children early!

I can’t stress this enough. You need to feed the children much earlier then the time of your date at home. Normally it is something really simple, like sandwiches.

Put them to bed early, or plan an activity for them

If you have really young children, try just putting them to bed early. I’m a mother of 5 though and I’m realistic about such things. Rarely does it work out like you want it to! I turn on a video on for the children (something long like a Duggar DVD and they can watch the whole disk!) and send them away. In our old house they all went upstairs to the boy’s bedroom with a portable DVD player we have. They were warned to not come downstairs unless absolutely necessary.

Fix a nice meal for the two of you

I love to cook a nice candlelight dinner and stay home sometimes. Especially on Valentine’s Day when the restaurants are so crowded. Here is a nice menu.

Parmesan Chicken Breast

(This is similar to the recipe I use, minus the mustard)

Mashed Potatoes

(this recipe is a must! Simply the best ever)

Crescent Rolls

Cooked Broccoli with lots of butter.

For Dessert – Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Sometimes I’ll set the card table up and use fine china and candles. Other times it’s all I can do to get the meal made, and we eat it on Corelle dishes at the table. 🙂

If you want to really impress your husband, plan a fun activity for afterwards. I love the Dating Divas website, which is actually for married couples! You can find any sort of idea there, whether it is super sweet, melt your heart kind of activity, or more along the lines of embracing intimacy. 😉 Some of the ideas go a little far, so just use your discretion with what you feel is appropriate in your marriage.

If this sounds overwhelming, then think up something that you can manage. Any extra effort on your part should go along ways toward impressing your husband and letting him know that you love him!

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9 Comments on Embracing Intimacy: A Celebration of Biblical Marriage & A Link Up.

  1. Even though I am not married and still a young lady, I’m grateful that my sister and I oftentimes found ways to surprise our parents with a “date” planned out for them. We would cook up something very easy, and then prepare the setting as if they were in a restaurant. After that, we’d run downstairs to play and leave them alone! 😛 By doing this, it allowed both parents to be stress-free about spending time with each other. No planning on their parts, just enjoyment!

    In all sisterly love,

  2. Sex is not just for the husbands. I wish the majority of blogs would get that. I crave and need sex just as much as my husband. IF the husband isn’t selfish in bed (all about him) women will love it.

    And you don’t have to have sex just at night. During the day, you can pop a DVD in, and close your door, and lock it. Why wait? No refusal in our home.

    So many people were brought up with the AWFUL teaching of sex is bad, it’s dirty. God made sex, and albeit it can be messy Nothing is dirty about it. Nothing is off the table, except animals and bringing someone else into the bedroom (beit a person, or porn)

  3. This has become a real challenge for us with a newborn in the house with our four other children, but it is SO vital! We’re doing dates at home now, and though baby is with us during that time, we at least are able to focus more on one another and reconnect.

  4. Can I add that if you are struggling and things seem to be falling apart in this area a blog called To Love Honor and Vacuum. She has a series called 29 Days to Great Sex, and it has been the most wonderful life saver! It is so Biblical and practical. She also has a book called “The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex,” that I’d really like to read someday.

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