I find it a little humorous that I’m sharing a few makeup products right now because you better believe I’m not getting makeup on very often with a 2 week old baby! However Sephora is running a storewide sale, and I wanted to tell you a few of my favorite items that I’ve gotten from there and why.

I use a lot of Younique makeup right now, simply because I grabbed a kit (yes, I joined mainly for the kit!). I’m not even a consultant now, but I still have quite a bit of it that I’m using.

However I also really love going to Sephora and getting to try out a few products that some of my favorite fashion and beauty bloggers I follow use. I really appreciate the return policy at Sephora. You can return products that you have purchased and used if they just don’t work out. I did this once and they returned it with no questions asked!

The first thing on my list that I love is the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush.

I bought this about a month ago and I’ve used it quite a bit, but it still looks brand new. I can tell this is a product that is going to last a long time!

The Tarte brand is a more natural makeup line (compared to other mainstream brands), which I do like. You can easily layer this blush to get the perfect coverage you need. It starts out light, sometimes my husband tells me I need to go put more on, the lighting in our bathroom is poor and it can be hard to get it just right! You don’t have a harsh blush line, where you can easily tell right where your blush is. Super easy to use for ladies not as confident in applying makeup!

My next absolute favorite is the Agave Lip Balm by Bite Beauty.


I bought this over the winter months when my lips were so dry and I was desperate to find something that worked really well. I have tried so many different chapsticks over the years (all natural ones), and while I have some that I really like, I was looking for a really moisturizing balm that applied heavy, but felt smooth.

If that even makes any sense! It can be hard to describe beauty products online!

The Agave Lip Balm is the best ever. And it’s made without Parabens, Sulfates or¬†Phthalates.

The only con is that I went through it more quickly than I would like for the price!

The final thing that I’ve tried and love from Sephora is a Smashbox eye and blush palette.

My husband bought me one for Christmas 3 years ago, and you wouldn’t believe how long it lasted! I used it way longer than I probably should have (I finally threw it away this year because the case totally fell apart!). The eyeshadow was fantastic, I love how it went on and stayed on, and the blush in the palette was also great.

This is a different palette, but it’s the same type of deal that Sean got for me. This looks like a really fun one to try with lipstick, blush, contour and eye shadow!

Right now at Sephora you can save 10% off your entire order with the code: YESINSIDER at the checkout, good through September 3rd. You have to be a beauty insider to save, but it’s free and super easy to sign up. Plus you earn points and can redeem them for free samples!

I’d love to hear what a favorite makeup product of yours is! It’s so fun to know what other ladies have tried and love.



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