Dry lips are downright annoying. When you put makeup on and then finish the look out with dry lips, it honestly looks horrible. Beyond that, who wants to feel dry lips all day long?

I’ve always struggled with dry lips, and it’s not just in the winter months. I know I could drink lots more water, and that does help when I consciously guzzle water all day. But it still doesn’t fix it all the way.

Since I have dry lips I’ve tried many different products over the years. Lots of natural lip balms, many well known companies.

Finally, at the age of 35 I’ve found a product that works amazingly well.

Bite Beaty is a brand that I kept hearing about from other bloggers online, so I went to Sephora to check it out. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t believe that I paid $18.00 for lip balm, but after all the raving reviews I had read I was desperate enough to try it.

A year later I’m so thankful that I decided to try this brand! It has been a huge help all winter long, and I love the glossy feel of the Agave Lip Mask.

I made a video for you all on the two products I’ve used, and which one I prefer.

If you were to try just one product, I would go for the Agave Lip Mask. Even though it’s slightly more expensive up front than the balm, it’s lasted me 3 times longer than the balm did. I don’t like that you have to apply it with your finger, but otherwise it’s my favorite.

I prefer the lip mask because it stays on for hours, it feels silky, it gives your lips a more shiny, smooth look, and best of all, it really does work to keep dry lips away! I probably put it on 1-2 times a day.

I have the maple color and like that but you don’t need to stress about the color you pick. The color does not show up like a gloss or lipstick, so you really can’t go wrong with whatever you pick. Even just going with clear is fine. Like I said in the video above, I will oftentimes put this on first and then put on my lipstick over it.

Of course the other usual tips on how to help prevent dry lips are still excellent to follow. 

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

Use a sugar scrub to get rid of the dry skin once a week. You can try making one yourself (Pinterest!), or buy one. Make sure you follow it up with the lip balm or mask.

Don’t lick your lips! This provides a quick second relief, but in the long run it dries out your lips even more.




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  1. I haven’t tried the product, yet. But I do have a suggestion for you. I hate using my finger as well. I’m from the generation of Carmex users back in 70’s. I put double stick tape on the lid. Then I put a little sample spoon, like from the ice cream store, on the lid, handle to lid. I could use the spoon bowl on my pinkie fingertip. The lid tape stuck to jar bottom to keep from dropping it. I changed spoon frequently. It stayed clean enough, jar in a little zip bag. At other times I broke off the handle & just used the spoon bowl & left it inside the jar.

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