Natural Makeup For All Seasons. An aloe vera based makeup that is affordable and beautiful!

When I wear makeup I prefer that it be all natural. I also need to have a system in place that is quick and easy, or else the makeup doesn’t find it’s way onto my face. 🙂

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Even though we are chatting about fall this month, I’m sharing about makeup today that is compatible for all seasons. I’ve shared that I have recently started using L’BRI makeup, and I’ve been very excited to share with you a new makeup compact that has just been released.

Why have I been so excited? Because it’s portable, very affordable, a great gift idea, and contains all the natural makeup that I have grown to love and appreciate with L’BRI.

Compact Holiday Makeup Case

This compact holiday makeup case was just released yesterday! It is available through December only at L’BRI. I have been using it for about a week now, and find the colors awesome. I even got a makeover from my mother in law using this compact, which made me fall in love with it even more after she gave me some new ideas!

L'BRI Holiday Compact Makeup Case - Perfect For The Holidays!

The compact contains 18 eye shadows, 3 blushes, 1 transparent powder, 4 lip balms, and a mirror and applicators. You get all this for $17.95! These will make great Christmas gifts, and they are a perfect way to try a large assortment of L’BRI makeup for a very affordable price!

Eye Shadow and Blush Colors in all natural L'BRI makeup case

 A closeup of the colors you get.

Natural L'BRI Makeup

I have on the makeup from the holiday compact on in this picture. To achieve this look, I followed these steps.

1. Wash and moisturize my face using the L’BRI skincare set.

2. Apply the oil free foundation (I use number 2).

3. Add a light dusting of Perfect Finish Loose Powder, Light.

4. Put on blush from the Holiday Compact Case.

5. Put on eye shadow. I used the three purple colors (second row) in the compact. For my eyebrow area  I used the lightest color. For my eyelids I used the second color, a little darker. I then applied the darkest color in a V shape at the edge of my eyes. This eye makeup guide might help you locate the areas better.

5. Finally, I applied a lip gloss found in the compact.

Then I was off to spend the day with my husband!

You can see all the holiday items that were just released here.

To find the compact case, click on “Go Shopping” in the middle of the green bar. Login or register as a new customer, and then click on the “Holiday Products” in the middle of the left hand side of the page.

Don’t forget that orders over $60 are shipped for free



8 Comments on Natural Makeup For All Seasons – {Day 16}

  1. Hi! You always look lovely, without seeming overly made-up or clownish. I appreciate that! One question about this post- do you wear mascara, and if so, when in the steps is it applied? Thanks!

  2. I wish it wasn’t all aloe based – I’m allergic to aloe vera! I can’t tell if the makeup is made with aloe in it (as in the eye shadow stuff). Am I missing where they list ingredients?

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