“They call woman sometimes, in thoughtless flattery, an angel, but here an angel in sober truth she is, a messenger sent by God to assuage the sorrows of humanity. The worn traveler who has come through the desert with his life and nothing more; the warrior faint and bleeding from the battle; the distressed of every age and country-long instinctively for this Heaven-provided help. Deep in the sufferer’s nature, in the hour of his need, springs the desire to feel a woman’s hand binding his wound or wiping his brow-to hear soft words dropping from a woman’s lips….Woman was needed in Eden; how much more in this thorny world outside! Physically, the vessel is weak, but in that very weakness her great strength lies. If knowledge is power in department, gentleness is power in woman’s.”

Taken from the book Home-Making by J.R.Miller. I highly recommend this book if you have never read it before. Just reading a few pages refreshes me and gives me renewed strength. 
“Gentleness is power in woman.” That line thrills my heart. The world would look at that and say it is an oxymoron, a complete contradiction of thought. 
But we know that gentleness can yield great results in women who embrace it. 
Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands: that if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives;

While they behold your chaste conversation coupled with fear.”  I Peter 3:1-2
The Bible gives clear direction to wives of unbelievers:
Be gentle. 
Be quiet. 
Be still. 
Be chaste.
This verse has wisdom that can be applied to other scenarios in life outside of an unequally yoked marriage. If we go into situations as a roaring lion, wanting to strongly defend our position, we do not give the appearance of a gentle and quiet woman and we actually weaken our influence upon the situation. There is a time to talk, as the above verse implies, the wife will win the unbelieving over by her chaste conversation. Not by yelling, screaming, and always asserting that she is right. 
“A soft answer turneth away wrath; but grievous words stir up anger” Prov. 15:1
The definition of chaste is:
“In language, pure: genuine: uncorrupt: free from barbarous words and phrases, and from the quaint, affected, extravagant expressions.”  Taken from  Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary .

To be a feminine woman is much more than looking the part, and taking delight in dresses, flowers, tea cups and pretty jewelry. It is actually acting the part. But we will get into that more later in the series. For now, I wanted to continue to focus on a number of godly women in the scriptures who display the characteristics of femininity for us.

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13 Comments on 31 Days of Femininity: A feminine woman is gentle

  1. "If we go into situations as a roaring lion, wanting to strongly defend our position, we do not give the appearance of a gentle and quiet woman and we actually weaken our influence upon the situation." Thanks for the reminder. Great wisdom here.

  2. Thank you so much, Caroline for sharing. Also, thanks for blessing me this morning by putting up my Domestically Divine button.

    What a blessing.

  3. "Gentleness is power in woman." May God bless you for doing this series Mrs. Allen! I really need it, as I have tended to forget in the past couple of months that God wants me to be a gentle woman, not a pushy, grabby woman. Thank you so much for the encouragement!
    ~Heather Joy

  4. What a conviction this is of past behavior! 🙁
    I have seen what a difference it can make when I learn and put into practice Biblical wisdom in my life. It truly becomes a blessing to me and all those around me.

    Thank you so much for this post!

  5. this doesn't just apply to our husbands. I am learning this applies to how I answer my children. Do they want or even benefit from mom yelling at them to emphasize an issue (math lessons, hello!) Are they going to retain the point if we speak gently and encouragingly?
    thanks so much for this post.

    thank you Lord for your forgiveness to our weakness when we are not gentle with your blessings! oh that my language would be free from barbarous words and phrases. that I might set the example in my home and train up my daughters to be chaste.

  6. @ Anonymous,

    I so agree with you! This is also something that I have been very aware of lately, the tone we speak to our children is then how they speak to each other…..

    I'm also grateful for God's mercy. I fall so short many days. I may know all this in my head, but applying it is much harder. I'm being challenged myself as I write this series!

  7. So very true!

    I have actually just started a series on this very topic. I would love to participate in a link-up at the end of the week so we could join together to share on this important and beautiful subject.

    Thank you, Caroline!

    Mrs Mary Joy Pershing

  8. Thank you Caroline for choosing this topic this month! This thinking is a 180 from what I grew up with. It's been a struggle to retrain myself. With the grace of God, I will continue to try to walk in His ways.

    Thank you, Thank you

  9. I love that old 1828 definition of chaste! I've read it several times before, and to me it accurately describes the quintessential woman of God!!

  10. Can I just say "wow!" Just one year ago, my husband and I were in counseling because I was the roaring lion feeling as though I wasn't getting what I "should" out of our marriage. The Lord has walked me through a unique path this past year and I am loving how He is teaching me, through the example of other women, "gentleness." I do not come from gentle people so it is not something that comes easy for me, but with God ladies… Thank you for this post. I look forward to reading through and being blessed through many more of your posts.

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