Ok, I admit I just made up the title. 🙂 It shows four strands of hair you are braiding in the picture….so why not call it that?

How pretty! I think I would need someone to do this on my hair though, I’m not sure I’m creative enough to pull it off by myself. 

5 Comments on Hair Tutorial: Four Strand Side Braid

  1. It's beautiful, but there is no way my fingers could figure out how to do this on my own head. I love the hairstyle ideas you've been doing lately – I'm in a ponytail rut.

  2. I youtube'd a how to video of the "four strand braid." This isn't it. After some searching I found the name of this specific braid, it is the "French Fish Braid." 🙂

  3. Woah. That's beautiful! Not sure I could do it…maybe…it would be SO worth it! =)

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