Lilla Rose Flexi Clip giveaway!

I love my flexi clips. They have transformed my look as a busy mom, bringing a fresh new meaning on the words “hair clip!”

Most mornings I spend about 2-3 minutes fixing my hair, brushing it and either pulling half of it up in an x-small clip, or I twist it all up and use a size large clip for all of it. During the summer months I do the latter a lot, as it keeps me cool!

I love not having headaches with my hair up. I love not having to adjust the clip every hour of the day. Finally, I love how feminine the clips are!

Flitter into Fall Lilla Rose Flexi Hair Clip

Flitter Into Fall” is the clip that has been released just for September! It is selling quickly, the XL size is already sold out!  It is available in Mini-Mega size.


The flexi clip even works under a headcovering, to hold your hair in place! This woman has very fine, thin hair, and is using an X-Small to keep her hair up.

You Pins

Besides the Flexi Clip, Lilla Rose sells other items, such as these lovely You Pins that  hold in place updos and buns!


This is a fellow Lilla Rose consultant, who has long hair but managed to twist it into a beautiful bun using a flexi clip!

If you need help figuring out your size, you watch this sizing and styling video.

*As a special for any brand new customers to Lilla Rose, when you purchase 3 items at my Lilla Rose website, you can email me to redeem a coupon good for any 4th item valued at $16 or under! This is strictly for customers who have never ordered or redeemed this coupon before. Good Through Wednesday, September 11th!*

Today I’m giving away the Cameo Appearance clip (a retired clip from May) in the choice of your size – Mini through X-large! The winner picks the size clip she needs for her hair!


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106 Comments on Lilla Rose Flexi Clip Giveaway!

  1. I hope this includes Canadians too! I didn’t see any “terms”…=)
    I have never used a flexi clip but I’ve heard some great reviews from a friend and I can’t wait to get one of my own. I’ve looked at all the styles on the website and I think they’re all gorgeous. Especially the cameo one you are giving away. Cameos are my favorite.

  2. I have been trying to choose a Flexi with blue since my daughter is getting married and blue is her color–I don’t normally wear blue, so this has been a challenge for me. If I won that, I wouldn’t have to choose! 😀

  3. I currently have a medium size flexi that I love. I have very fine hair that is waist length and can get it all up in a beautiful twist bun with it. However I am about to have a baby and the hair will most likely need to be cut short as it falls out in clumps when I am nursing, so I am hoping to get a smaller size!

  4. I have been so excited about the Getting Dressed Challenge – Frumps to Pumps!

    I’ve started with Day One and have been faithful. I would love to get one of the mega size to hold up all my hair!! I hope I win!

  5. I have some “Flexi-8” clips that I got several years ago (I believe they are the same thing?) that I love! I’d love to try a mini for a “half up” style =)

  6. I have been admiring flexi-clips for a long time now! Would love to win one! Thank you for the great blog/facebook page and the chance to win a clip!!!

  7. I just received my first flexi clip in the mail. It’s much sturdier than I thought it would be from the pictures. My husband says it looks very classy!
    The cameo clip is very pretty. My XS holds all of my hair, so I think I’d like to try a mini. My 3 year old daughter likes my clip too, but she has my fine hair so it’s too big for her.

  8. Hi Caroline, This is my first time to try to win a flexi clip! I really like the hues in blues{?} flexi clip, and SO many others! See you later today!

  9. Flexi clips are great. I wear one everyday. I have five girls and we share several clips of various designs and sizes. Our favorite is Music Lover.

  10. My current favorite is the Festive Fallen Leaf… although it changes seasonally! I use a flexi clip EVERY day!

    P.S.- I clicked on the “shop lilla rose” link on your site, but it took me to a “Paula Ramm” lilla rose site… don’t know who she is, but just wanted you to know that’s where it sent me!

  11. I have seven clips now – ranging from the extra small to a medium. I use them about 5 times a week in a wide variety of hairstyles. I LOVE the new dragonfly one (and I don’t have a green-hued one yet, so I’m feeling tempted LOL).

    In Christ,

  12. I have 2 flexis which were both given to me as gifts…I love them! Sadly, they’re both too small to hold all of my hair in an updo, so I would love to own a size large! 🙂

  13. I have one. It is the simple one, not sure of name. But I bough the hummingbird for my mom. Love to try a different size since the one i have I do have to adjust through day.

  14. I’ve just recently been wanting a flexi clip, so great timing on this giveaway! I’ve been growing my hair but I’m ready to cut it off again because I can’t figure out any simple, pretty ways to style. I think this would do the trick!

  15. I love flexis! I’ve never thought of putting one under a headcover, though. Will have to try that Sunday (if I remember…haha). My favorite clip is the silver cross with white beads (I can’t remember its name). Thanks so much for running this Caroline! I hope whoever gets it loves it as much as I do!

  16. I have one flexi clip right now. I don’t remember what size it is, but because my hair grows so fast I can’t use it anymore to keep my hair up. I’d love to have more sizes so I can always wear one!

  17. I have one flexi clip but would like a size larger to do more up-dos. This dragonfly one is very pretty, but I like all of them.

  18. I have never tried one, but really want to since my hair is super thick and really long it’s hard to clip it up without getting a headache

  19. I haven’t tried one yet! I keep entering giveaways with hopes to win one but haven’t yet! They are a bit expensive so it’s hard to put that “me” money into the budget with little ones. I would LOVE to try one!!

  20. I love my flexi clips! I use xsmall for half up, small for ponytail, medium for a twist. My favorites are the multicolored Hawaiian flower which I think is only a medium, and my favorite small has the light blue crystals.

  21. I would have to say it is the cameo that I have in Medium (I think)…but i would love one in medium for the winter months when I do do a messy french twist…which I agree is so easy and doesn’t need to be fixed all day…I actually forget it is there…

  22. This just might be my new favorite Flexi! My Grandma gave a cameo necklace while she was still alive, and it’s so special to me. I only have one Flexi clip, but love how versatile it is!

  23. My girls and I love the Flexi-clips. We don’t own many, but I enjoy looking through the options online from time to time. The cameo is beautiful! I’m sorry we missed it!!!

  24. I just got my first flexi clip this week! It’s an xs, and I can’t remember what the style is, and I love it! I’d like to get a bigger size, too, so I can do a few more styles.

  25. My girls and I all love our flexi-clips! The one I wear the most often is the celtic cross because it is the perfect size for an up-do and goes with any outfit because it is silver.

  26. I love my flexi clips! I am coveting the September clip, but of the ones I have I’m really liking the latest one I got (I think it might have been the regular July flexi of the month) that’s gold with a sun in the middle. It matches almost everything, and it’s just as easy to pull my hair back as with a ponytail band, and amazingly when I forget and fall asleep in it it’s not uncomfortable the way a barrette is.

  27. I have never tried the flexi clips but sure would love to! I’d love to see how they would work not only in my hair, but also in my girls, who have very fine “slippery” hair.

  28. I’ve never tried a Flexi clip, but I’d like to. It looks like a cute way to get your hair pulled back (and I watch a newly curious little one who is always trying to pull hair!) , without it hurting in a normal hair tie. 🙂

  29. I have never tried the clips. I am looking to start looking a little more “put together” and with my long hair this would be great!

  30. I bought the Roman Cross in large a few weeks ago, but I didn’t realize I would need a smaller size for the half up! Silly! Oh darn, now I need to buy some more!! 🙂

  31. I have never tried flexiclip but would love to find something that does not pull and tear at my hair. I think your hair is gorgeous. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  32. Yes, I really like flexi-clips … I have long, thick hair and often get headaches so I’ve tried numerous methods of putting my hair up. These work great and I especially like how they can be worn with headcoverings since I wear one most of the time. I don’t think I have a favorite though 🙂

  33. I’ve never used a flexi clip, but I really want to get one. I have long hair and I think these clips would be the perfect feminine touch. My favorite flexi clip is the Cameo Appearance, I’ve looked for it on the Lilla Rose website and been very disappointed that they don’t have it in my size.

  34. I have never tried one like this. I have used leather ones that are similar but they don’t really hold up for all day use. Love the cameo!

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