Whether you homeschool or have your children in public school, the Coronavirus is disrupting life. Public school children are suddenly home with nothing to do (unless they were sent home with online schoolwork). Homeschool children might suddenly have a parent working from home and be required to be quiet so they can work.

Here is a list of 10 things to do with your children during the coronavirus, so many of the things on this list can count as educational items!

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Listen to Audiobooks

We absolutely love audiobooks! You can sit and listen to an audiobook and color, play legos, build blocks, do all sorts of things that will take up several hours of time! Here are some of our favorite audiobooks, starting with the younger children and going up to what our older children like.

Winnie the Pooh

Peter Rabbit

Anne of Green Gables – we love the Focus on the Family version

Little Women – we love the Focus on the Family version

Green Ember – You can get it free if you have a Hoopla account!

G.A. Henty history stories – We really like the Heirloom Audio version.

You can try a month of Audible for free on Amazon! See if your library has an option to check out audiobooks online.

Teach your children character.

There is never a better time to implement character traits in your children. You are home together and life has slowed down. It’s so easy to let the stress of life make everyone (including mom!) turn into snappy, grumpy, frustrated people.

I can’t think of a better time to get the Character Badges download. Not only are you going to work on character with your children, you will help create a routine with them as well! They will earn stickers and coins, which they can cash in at the rewards chart. Don’t worry, many of the rewards are able to be easily done at home! Your children will love having new goals to work on!

If you want to get up and running immediately, we have printable download options available.

Little Character Badges for ages 3-5

Character Badges for ages 5-13

Character Flashcards

Or, we have created a special bundle that contains all three of these printables together, and have it available as a bundle deal! If you bought all of these things separately it would be $32.20, but we wanted to make this as affordable as possible for everyone so we have the bundle on sale for just $19.99 right now!

If you don’t want to print off the download, you can get the physical magnet versions here.

Another idea is to grab the free Wordmarbles download and use it to show your children if they are using more mean words or kind words each week. Create a fun challenge for your children, tell them you will all bake cookies together or play a boardgame together if they can have more words in the kind jar!

Have tea parties

My children love when we have a tea party. Whether you have the fancy tea sets or just basic mugs, gather around the table with some cookies and tea and talk, listen to classical music, draw and read poetry.

You can get a free sample of Squilt to use for a music appreciate lesson during tea time. You can find a lot of good art tutorials for drawing animals on Youtube here.

Play legos and board games

Everyone has some board games tucked away that has not been played with in awhile! Now is your chance to pull out that game of Uno or one of those long games that take a few hours to play. 🙂

Learn new hairstyles together!

If you have girls it would be a fun time to learn new hairstyles to do on their hair! Play hair stylist and make your girls feel super pretty with their hair fixed! You can get free access to my hair course where you learn 7 quick and easy hairstyles that take 3 minutes are less!

Triple Braid Hairstyle Updo

Do a workout together for exercise.

The Nike Workout App is free and so easy to use! Sean uses this more than I do and he said to give a warning that some of the ladies are scantily clad, so just check for that. It’s a nice app because each workout has a mini tutorial showing you exactly how to do it.

You could also just do a walking workout on Youtube.

Read books together

I started reading Hinds Feet on High Places to the children in the mornings. It’s such a good book, I remember my mom reading it to us. I’m actually reading her copy with it all marked up and highlighted, which is so precious.

Sean started reading The Green Ember to the children in the evenings. He has heard so much about that book series that he wanted to read it. The boys are the only ones who have read the whole series, and they are loving the fact that Sean wants to read it with us.

Another good read aloud would be The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder. This book shows children that other people have gone through difficult times as well and come out ok!

Craft together

Sew a skirt together, teach your children how to cross stitch or embroider, or just do a fun craft together. Pull out the paper and stickers, the paint and paintbrushes, make a few messes and count it as art credit for school! You can find a lot of fun ideas at the Kids Activities Blog.

Invest in learning about your health!

Take this time to finally jump in and learn about how to create healthy skincare options with your girls! Make bath bombs together, read about what essential oils are good for, quiz each other on what vitamin is good for what. Turn it into your science!

Make Homemade Playdough!

When in doubt, keep it simple and play with play dough together! I have made it many times and have a recipe here that is really simple to make!

This is a moment in history that none of us will forget. Let’s help make it a positive memory for our children!




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