Disclaimer – A huge thanks to Mr.D math for allowing me to review these math programs for this current school year. All thoughts are strictly my own. Affiliate links are used in this post. 

If you want to hear about the biggest success from this school year, settle in, get comfortable and listen to me rave about Mr. D Math!

Growing up I was homeschooled all of my life. I used a variety of math programs but mostly used Saxon. I was never very good at math, and didn’t excel in the high school levels of math as I really needed a tutor.

Sean went to public school all of his life but he did have some math tutors that helped him, both in high school and in college.

Knowing this about both of us, we knew that our children might not have math come naturally to them. We always planned to outsource math for the higher grades.

I knew going into this school year that I needed to switch Mosiah, who is in 10th grade, to a different math program. He was previously using Teaching Textbooks and required a lot of tutoring from a local friend to get through it. That happened for the last 2-3 years, and it was getting expensive as well as keeping us behind as we waited for the tutoring lesson that week.

When we were at our homeschool conventions last year I looked around at all the math programs for high school, and I also read lots of online reviews. One program kept standing out to me over all the other ones so we made the switch and it was the best decision ever!

Mr. D Math Overview

Mr. D math is an online math program for Pre-Algebra through Calculus and Trigonometry. They even have a new Consumer Math program out that looks awesome! I plan on Mosiah doing that his senior year.

If you plan on having a student take the SAT or ACT, they have test taking bootcamps just for that. We are going to look into that next year when Mosiah takes his ACT test.

This math program is all online, which is easy to bring along with you if you are traveling.

I asked my sons what they had to say about their teachers, and here is what they said.

Mr. D is a funny, down to earth normal math teacher who knows that some teens struggle in math, and he is there to help you as much as he can.

Mosiah – 10th grade

Here is a screenshot from the website about Mr. D. 

Mr. H is really enjoyable to learn from and you feel like you can go to him whenever you have math problems.

Israel – 8th grade

Here is a screenshot from the website about Mr. H. 

There has been far less complaining about math this year, and I love that they answer to their teachers and know the deadlines. Outsourcing math has been the best decision ever.

What typical week looks like

Israel is in Pre-Algebra with Mr. H, so I’m going to walk you through what his week looks like.

On Monday at 10:00 AM he has a live class. He streams it on our iPad or laptop. He has the option to show his face or just have a blank box up with his name on it. He goes either way, depending on how he feels.

The class runs for about an hour and goes over coursework for the week. Mr. H will teach a few problems from different pages to help the children get a good idea of what is ahead of them.

Then there is course work to print out for the week. There is not a math book that comes with this. Instead they just have notebooks and print out the work and file it in their notebook as it comes along.

After each section they have a test. Each test has 5 questions, with 6-8 sections each week. The system automatically does the grading on the tests.

At the end of each chapter there are chapter tests which are 30-30 problems long.

Extra Help Sessions

I absolutely love that they offer extra help sessions several times a week, with both the live or self paced classes. You can login and talk to a teacher and ask help on 2 different problems at each session. It’s such a nice option!

Options Available

Signups are open for the upcoming school year right now. You can either sign up for the live version, or for the self paced curriculum. The classes will fill up, so don’t wait until the last minute to enroll!

After using Mr. D math all school year I can confidently say this is the high school math program I plan on using with all of my children! You can check out the samples to see if it’s something you would be interested in.








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