You Don't Have To Be Supermom

Do you feel like the pressure is always on you to be an out of this world mom? The kind of mom that has the house always clean, the meals on the table when your husband walks in from work, the schoolwork (or homework) always done on time, and your hair fixed to perfection?

In reality these things may rarely come to pass. Most of us have worked out a normal flow for our day, and do have basic expectations of what should happen though. Sometimes the Lord brings things along our way that interrupt that routine, and during those times it’s ok to admit that you can’t do it all and change your schedule and routine.

We are currently in what I call survival mode in our household. My husband went back to college full time to finish his graphic design degree. We are in the middle of moving and downsizing to a smaller house. I’m trying to keep up with running a business and homeschooling our children while my husband is at school. Adding to all this drama is the fact that my husband broke his foot pretty seriously a week ago and is on crutches for 12 weeks! Life is seriously busy.

As much as I would like to keep up with everything and pull it off with supermom strength, I’m just not capable of it. Choosing to see your situation through wise eyes (whether it be a move, an illness, a baby just being born, etc) and examine what you can really do is crucial to the overall emotional health of your family. If mama is walking around stressed to the max, the whole family will feel the effects of it.

While these might not be options for everyone, here are some things I have done to reduce a little bit of stress in our home life.

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