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One of the most basic essentials that every baby (and toddler!) needs is diapers. If you cloth diaper, then you are set. Unless you just get behind on laundry (the story of my life!), then you won’t run out of diapers.

I’ve given up trying to cloth diaper. I just never can stay on top of laundry enough to add the cloth diapers on top of all my regular laundry!

Stocking up on diapers at Sam's Club!

Keeping disposable diapers and wipes in the house can be challenging. I’ve run out more than once, only to scramble to get the store quickly.

Recently I ran out of diapers yet again, and I decided to vary from the brand I normally get and grab a cheaper store brand pack of diapers. These things were super cheap, and I was so hoping they would work.

Of course it wouldn’t happen.

Within 24 hours of trying these new diapers on her, Sophia broke out in a really bad rash. I instantly knew it was because of the cheap diapers, and so I ended up wasting money because we used 2 diapers out of the package! It took several days to get her over that rash, and it wasn’t worth it.

Back to the name brand diapers I went! When I spend the money on the good diapers, it’s truly worth it. Each diaper lasts longer, because they don’t get soggy as fast.

Yes, I realize that is kind of gross…but hey, moms understand!

My biggest tip for staying stocked up on diapers is to buy the largest boxes you can find. That way you normally only have to buy a box once a month…or somewhere around there.

I always buy my diapers at a large wholesale type store, like Sam’s Club.

I can’t recommend this enough! I just grab my diapers and wipes when I go out to get groceries and then I don’t have to think about it until another month rolls around.

Right now Sam’s Club (in store or online)has a great deal on diapers. If you buy 2 items from Pampers diaper or wipe items, you instantly save $10, or buy 3 items and save $18! I would totally use this to stock up on diapers for the next few months.

I absolutely love the concept of Club Pickup at Sam’s Club! You can order online, and select Club Pickup and then you don’t have to even get out of the car! Just drive through and pick up your order.

Or you can use the Sam’s Club Scan & Go app, which sounds pretty neat. You can skip the checkout line and use your phone to scan items as you shop. Check out with the app, and the receipt will appear on your phone! This app is available on Apple or Android.

Right now with us working on our new house, keeping diapers in stock is a must! I actually have a big box of diapers and wipes just sitting in the formal dining room floor right now. I brought half of the box over to the new house, and kept some at our current house and some for my sister who is watching Sophia a lot for us!

I’d love to hear if you stock up on diapers for the month, or just grab small packages as you need them?

10 Comments on Why I Don’t Try To Save Money On Disposable Diapers

  1. I am lucky that the House Brand Diapers from Kaufland are as good as the Name Brands. additionally I have some cloth diapers for emergency´s aka weekends and holidays.

  2. Haha…as a new mom, I bragged that I would only use cloth diapers. That changed shortly after I brought baby home from the hospital! After many trials and errors and rashes in the diaper department–and four kiddos later–I only buy Pampers brand. I too buy the biggest box and it does usually last a month. I order mine from Amazon.

    • Isn’t it funny how many things change once the baby actually arrives? We are the perfect parent up to that point. 😉 Every pregnancy I always want to try cloth diapers again, but it just isn’t a good fit for our family.

  3. It has been years and years since I used diapers as my kids are 22, 20,20 and 18. That being said, major allergies in my family and three were allergic to Pampers but did fine on store brand, but only one store brand(sigh) so I had to always go to that store. My youngest was allergic to everything BUT Pampers. Honestly buying things like diapers and toilet paper in my house is a challenge. There is only one brand of toilet paper no one is allergic to and only two possibly laundry detergents. As for wipes…never ever found a brand that my kids weren’t allergic to so only used washcloths and warm water.

  4. I’m due with my third baby next week and I just signed up for Amazon Prime with diapers in mind. I’ve bought Pampers at Sam’s in the past, but with two in diapers, I think Amazon is the better deal right now. And taking three little kids to Sam’s when I need to buy two boxes of diapers AND fit food in my cart, makes Amazon that more appealing 🙂

  5. We get diapers from Sam’s club. Since the closest one is an hour and a half away I order them online they ship them for free. I had 3 in diapers up until last week and when the box was half empty I would order more. All three wore the same size.

  6. My kids are all past diapers now, but the one I did try in Pampers was allergic to the scent that they have. So, I ended up using Walmart Brand diapers and they worked really well for us. It’s funny how each family has a different experience. I, too, thought it would be nice to save money using cloth, but my husband talked me out of it by mentioning the time and the cost of water involved.

  7. Thank you for sharing, it’s an important point that when we try to skimp on things we often end up spending more!
    We use cloth diapers now, but it didn’t work for our family, either, when our first child was a baby. However, I hated the chemical perfumes in the popular brands so we subscribed to Earth’s Best from Amazon, and that worked well for us! The only rash she ever had was when we tried switching to cloth and didn’t realize that the wash routine had to be different. I mean now it’s a silly thought, of course something that absorbs urine etc needs to be cleaned more thoroughly than something just dirty or sweaty! Good for you guys to have something that works for your family.

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