I have some absolutely amazing news for you today! If you are a parent who feels stuck in a parenting rut, you long for more consistency in your home and you are incredibly tired of just saying “no” to your child all day long….

We have just the thing for you! 

By popular request, the Character Badges program is now available as a PDF download! 

What’s so exciting about this? 

Well..this program really does work. I came to Sean 7 years ago when our oldest was 8 and told him I was incredibly tired of going to bed each night feeling defeated as a mom. I felt like all I did was focus on all the negative things in my children’s attitudes, instead of seeing the positive things they were doing and praising them for that. 

You can hear more about that story in the video we made (which has a lot of footage of our family in it!).

Second of all, it’s a great way to save money. Every parent likes that! Buy the one PDF download and print off all the charts you need for all your children with the one price. ​If you’re the crafty type, you can laminate the charts and use sticker paper for the badges. Be creative or keep it simple – just whatever works for your personality! 

You might be thinking “another system…another chart to try…I just don’t have the energy to do it!”

The good news is that this time, you are not alone. Your children will be right beside you! 

It’s no secret –  children aren’t going to help their parents keep up with a chart that punishes them all the time. 

However, the secret behind Character Badges is that children adore this system! 

We have so many children come up to our booth at homeschool conventions absolutely intrigued with what they see. After we explain to their parents, they actually want them to buy it! 

Why is that? 

Because children love challenges. They love seeing the visible Obedience Chart where they work on one row of character for a month, and then they have seven rows of habits and chores. Think Charlotte Mason combined with Marie Kondo for children. Habits + chores = less chaos and more peaceful parenting moments. 

During the month of March we have something exciting for you all. Anyone who buys the PDF version will be entered to win the physical version of Character Badges!

Go check out the Character Badges system here.

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