It’s that fun time to wrap up the year with the top 10 posts from 2018 and look forward to a new year coming.  The biggest highlight of the year for our family has been Emily being born!

I always like to do a round up post at the end of the year and share the top ten posts from the blog!

1. The Homebirth Story of our seventh baby – Emily Mercy Allen!

The Home Birth Story of Emily Mercy - Our Seventh Blessing!

This was the highlight of the blog as well, as this was the top post of the whole year! What can I say, ladies love reading birth stories! And this birth story was such a blessing!

2. What I Really Think About The Girl, Wash Your Face Book 

My thoughts on the Girl, Wash Your Face Book.

My thoughts on the extremely popular book from this past year. I read this book with mixed emotions, initially falling in love with it, but my opinion changed.

3. The One Secret I’ve Learned For A Successful Homeschool Day

Obviously other homeschooling moms want to know what that secret is. I still wish I hadn’t come to this conclusion, but months after writing this post I still agree with every word. And a huge hug for every homeschooling mom out there. It’s HARD work!

4. Playful Pioneers for our Elementary History Program

Playful Pioneers Elementary Curriculum!

I’m going to be honest. Having Emily in August made my grandiose plans of going through this curriculum be, well, not nearly as grandiose as I had planned. We made it halfway through Farmer’s Boy, and I finally admitted defeat for a few months and handed Olivia books to read through for history. I’m ready to get back at it in January though, and see how far we can get. The girls loved doing this!

5. Breastfeeding Friendly Dresses on Amazon

Breastfeeding Friendly Dresses on Amazon.

This post just goes to show how hard it is to find breastfeeding friendly dresses for a good price!

6. Top 10 Hairstyles for Fall

Hairstyles for Long Hair | Hairstyles for medium length hair | bun hairstyle | fall hair | fall hairstyle | Lilla Rose | Flexi Clip | Hair updo | Hair Clip for thick hair | Hair clip for thin hair

This post shows 10 beautiful hairstyles you can do, and it just doesn’t have to be for fall! Change out what accessory you use and they will work any season!

7. Homeschool Preschool Curriculum Round Up Post

You can homeschool preschool! A round up post on curriculum choices for preschool to make it enjoyable and fun!

I reviewed several different popular preschool programs, sharing what we have used and like!

8. Your Child Does Not Have To Read At Six!

Do you have a struggling reader? Rest assured, your child does not have to read in kindergarten! Learning in elementary school, like first grade is how we raise our homeschool students, and love using resources like All About Reading!

A well received post, I think a lot of moms feel relief in knowing their child is not the only one that is not reading well at 5 or 6. If you need a good boost of encouragement in this area, check out this post and share it with a friend!

9. The Good and The Beautiful Kindergarten Curriculum

A review of the Good and The Beautiful Kindergarten Curriculum! A really good, affordable curriculum!

10. Favorite Hairstyle Products for Beautiful Hair!

Some of my top favorite products for hair, including dry shampoo, and my favorite brush.











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