I don’t often find myself so in love with a curriculum that I call it perfect, but that’s the way I feel with The Good and The Beautiful Kindergarten Curriculum!

The Level K Primer course book is a brand new book that was recently released to help close the jump between the Preschool and Level K book. It is a much needed book in the Language Arts series and I’m so thankful that Jenny Phillips took the time to write it!

I have a child in the Pre-K book, and then a child quickly going through the level K book. My daughter that is in the Pre-K book would have a hard time jumping right into level K because it puts a student right into long and short vowels, and learning how to read them.

The Good and The Beautiful Level K Primer Book

The Level K Primer book gently brings a student along the journey of learning mastering letters, learning long and short vowels, and reading simple words. It does this in a gentle pace for the student, keeping them engaged through activities, verbal communication with the teacher, tracing letters, cute pictures, and more.

This book also teaches the difference between a lowercase b and d, which has always been a problem for my children. I love how clear they make it, giving the student easy ways to remember the difference between the two letters.

The good and the beautiful level k primer book

When should your child start this book? 

I appreciate how clear the guidelines are for starting this book.

The following criteria should be met:

He or She can sing most of the alphabet with or without the help of a parent.

He or She knows the majority of letters and their sounds but has not mastered all of them.

He or She can count to ten.

He or She knows basic shapes and colors.

It’s also made clear in this book that a child does not need to master this book. It’s an introduction to reading and principles such as long vowels.

Each lesson takes around 15-20 minutes to do with your child, and it tells you as the teacher exactly what to say! I am so thankful when curriculums write it out this way. With teaching multiple children and juggling toddlers, I don’t want to think about what I’m supposed to say. It helps relieve my mommy brain to just read it. 🙂

Included with this Level K Primer book is a little reading book that is so adorable and sweet!

Full of beautiful pictures that children will enjoy, the book contains simple words for a beginner reader. This gives a child such confidence to feel like they are reading from their own little book!

My First Reading Book

My First Reading Book

My First Reading Book

Overall I can’t recommend the Good and the Beautiful Kindergarten curriculum highly enough! The price is also excellent at just $33.97 for the set. You can purchase the PDF alone but I strongly suggest just getting the physical copy. By the time you print all these color pages out (and you really need it to be color!) you can easily end up spending more than if you had just purchased the printed books.

Find It Here

I’d love to know if you are using anything from The Good and The Beautiful in your school! 

*This post is sponsored by The Good and The Beautiful. All thoughts are strictly my own.






10 Comments on The Good and The Beautiful Kindergarten Curriculum

  1. Wow! I just discovered your blog, and I’ll need to get caught up. I printed out the Level 1 Language Arts recently, which my youngest son will be starting on in a couple of months. He is finishing up with the Abeka K5 videos.

    • We have always done Abeka videos, but not looking into the good and the beautiful curriculum. How do you like the switch??

  2. After reading this post I looked more into the PRE-K curriculm and loved what i seen so ordered the physical set for my son. I got it in today and read over all the material and have it almost set up for him to start and i have to say I love all the colorful pictures and activities. It’s so easy to understand and i believe it will be perfect!

  3. We just started the Level K Primer book this weekend and have been loving it! My little girl did the first 3 lessons in one sitting because she was so excited. I completely agree with your review. I love that it tells you what to do and say so to relive some of the “mommy brain” we all experience. The little book and songs that come with are fun too!

  4. Hi Caroline! Loving your blog! Are you doing the Kindergarten level with your child after the primer? We just got the kindergarten set and I realized it only has 47 lessons. This is our first year homeschooling but I am thinking this won’t get us through the entire year. Any helpful thoughts?
    Thank you

    • I’ve heard that it does not last for the whole year, you just do it as slow or as quickly as the child wants and then move on in the same school year to the next book.

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