Where was this curriculum at years ago when my oldest was in preschool? It’s seriously what I tried to find and never could.

What am I raving about?

It’s a newer curriculum called The Good and The Beautiful. They have curriculum the complete elementary level and are working on high school right now. We are using the Language Arts this year and really love it for our older ones, but today I want to focus on the preschool curriculum.

Is it possible to find a preschool curriculum that your child loves, it’s easy to use, and it’s also affordable? Yes! I’ve found all of those things in The Good and the Beautiful curriculum!

The Good and The Beautiful Preschool Curriculum

When I look for curriculum to use with my little children I’m looking at it with the perspective of having a larger family. I only have so much time to spend with my preschool/kindergarten age child. I also don’t want to spend $100 or more on a preschool curriculum. I’d rather invest in good quality toys that they can play with (like wedgits, Duplo legos, Melissa and Doug toys), read them books and let them play outside for hours on end. The actual book work at the table needs to be shorter lessons for both mom and child at this age.

I’m using this preschool curriculum with my Kindergarten age child (she is 5.5). This is pretty common for me, as I don’t stress about doing actual preschool workbooks at a young age. Deborah is grasping the concepts really well at this age and we are quickly working our way through the book. At this point I’m hoping to be done with this by Christmas, and we will start the Kindergarten curriculum the first of the year.

So what does this curriculum actually teach?

The Preschool level is working on learning letter sounds and names. I love that it teaches both at the same time. I strongly dislike programs that teach just the name of the letter, only to go back the following year and teach the sounds. It is possible to learn both at the same time, and this program makes it so easy to do that! The child is also learning about numbers, colors, shapes, counting, rhyming, sorting, order of events, and also enjoying beautiful art work.

The main book is what you use every day with the student. There is no teacher guide, the instructions are written in the student book for what to say to your child. At this age it’s really not hard to teach. 😉 A lesson can be 2-3 pages long which is just right for this age. Right now she normally learns a new letter, or reviews the letter she learned the previous day.

You introduce the letter to your child, and learn how to write it. You then might practice writing it with play dough, and after that you count together. When you turn the page there is a beautiful art picture that you show the child and you use that picture to learn colors and practice letter sounds.  All these are old fashioned sweet pictures of animals and children.

The day is done! 🙂

Every lesson is different, but that gives you an idea of how it goes.

The Good and The Beautiful Preschool Curriculum

Included in this curriculum are flip books with letters on them, you use those flip books to drill the letter names and sounds. You also have an activity packet with different games for the child to use. These come on glossy card stock paper in full color.

For a child who is 5, I also include handwriting and extra math work. We use the level one handwriting book from The Good and The Beautiful. All my children are using this handwriting curriculum and they all love it!

Deborah needed extra help with writing her numbers so we are going through the Rod and Staff preschool book on numbers. She has already dramatically improved, so after she is done we will start the Horizons Kindergarten math book.

The Good and The Beautiful Preschool Curriculum

On a side note, we just got these erasable gel pens and the children are all loving them. They actually do erase and work nice for the Heart of Dakota notebooks that have glossy paper. I normally don’t let her use a pen in her workbook, so she thought this was great. 🙂

The Good and The Beautiful Preschool curriculum is only $36.00, which I feel is the perfect price for what you get! Yes you can grab letter books at the dollar store but you will be missing out! I’m thrilled with the progress we have already made in our school year so I had to share with you all!

And no, I wasn’t paid to write this post or receive any sort of income off affiliate links from The Good and The Beautiful. I just genuinely love this curriculum so much that I wanted to tell you all about it!


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  1. I can’t wait to get this curriculum for my little. She’s only 3 but has two older siblings, 5th and 2nd grade, and constantly asks for her school work 😊 (currently free printables I have stored on my computer and she uses a highlighter)

  2. I just reciieved this curriculum today!!! I had printed out everything for easy peasy but it was just not great for my little one , he is only 3 .

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