I’m always looking for new books to give my children to read that I can safely trust are wholesome and edifying for them. I’m so happy to see that The Good and the Beautiful is now reprinting old classics and bringing them back for all of us to enjoy at super affordable prices!

The Good and the Beautiful Library consists of 16 books (at the current time). They have taken old books that are extremely hard or impossible to find and reprinted them with new, beautiful covers! They are full of beautiful and wholesome literature that teaches good values and puts beauty into the minds of children.

These books are amazing but somehow have fallen to the side and were no longer being printed, until now! Many of these books are so rare and hard to find that the few that were available cost hundreds of dollars. They will now be available for only $5-$10–true good and beautiful style–beautiful, inexpensive, and high-quality.
You can go check out the selection here, it includes some of my favorite authors like Eleanor Porter and Elizabeth Yates!

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  1. Thank you for sharing Caroline! I had no idea TG&TB was doing this. Very exciting! And I love that they make their products affordable!!

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