I love traveling to all the homeschool conventions that we attend in the spring, because we get to discover all sorts of new companies. Beakerz science was one of those companies that we all fell in love with! Our Character Badges booth was right next to them and my girls spent hours at their booth.

Science experiments is an area we have never been super strong in. We real all the Apologia books, but we don’t always get the experiments done. Ok, we seldom get them done. 🙂 It’s so easy to do experiments with younger children, but there is something about taking the time to get the stuff and actually do it that feels so hard.

I’m not a huge science person. I make sure that my children learn it, but I’m not on pinterest searching new science projects to do.

That’s why I was so excited to discover Beakerz science. They put together science kits for children ages Pre-K to 3rd grade. Don’t let the 3rd grade fool you though. Olivia did it as well and she is in 4th grade.

What comes in a kit?

All the supplies needed! But that’s not all, or even the most exciting part of Beakerz (at least to me). Unlike lots of other subscription type boxes where you just get supplies, with  Beakerz you actually have a virtual classroom that you login to and watch Professer Beakerz (an amazing, super engaging teacher) go through the science experiment, the why, how, and what to do part of it all. The videos are extremely well done, super high quality and the girls loved watching them!

To see an example of what the videos look like, watch the video below that we made!

How To Get A Kit

You can purchase a one month kit to try, a six month subscription or a 12 month subscription.

What If You Have More Than One Child?

I LOVE this about Beakerz. You don’t have to order multiple boxes! They offer sibling sets which just provides the extra supplies that the sibling needs, making it much more affordable!

This kit would make an excellent Christmas gift (send the link to grandparents as an idea!). It’s such a fun way to add some extra science into your homeschool days, without you going to lots of extra work!

*Disclaimer – we were given a free box to try, but all thoughts are strictly my own.




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  1. Love the science kits! My daughter LOVES science. We are with a Charter so I have been looking into different ones and am so grateful for the funds and momma’s like you who do this!!

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