To say I about fell over when I saw that Lilla Rose was offering a sale was an understatement. I don’t ever remember a sale being offered this time of month, and it’s just such a good sale.

For 30 hours only, save 30% off your entire order!

Free shipping on orders of $49 or more (including international!)

Free hairband of your choice with orders of $75 or more!

And I’m about to make it even better through this mystery hostess party!

I will personally select one winner who places an order during the sale! For every $50 the party receives, I will add one new item that I’m giving away. It will be a total surprise, but someone will be sent some awesome products!

If the party reaches $300, that means one person will be sent 6 items for free!!

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*If you have already a Lilla Rose Stylist, please stay loyal to her! This is for my current and new customers.

Lilla Rose flexi clips make hairstyles be super easy and adorable!

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This time of year, you can’t go wrong with the owl clip!

It’s easy to do a french braid, then flip your braid up and clip it!

Try a leather clip and hair stick! They are so secure and cute!

While you are on the website shopping, you definitely want to check out the Bamboo hair towel! I put off getting this for quite awhile, because I didn’t realize just what a difference this makes. It absorbs moisture so much better than a towel, making your wet hair dry quite a bit faster after a shower! So easy to use, and it works for my long hair!

Mega Lilla Rose Flexi Clip

It works for all hair types, all varying types of thickness (thick or thin!).

If you are not sure what size to get, use the sizing chart below. This chart shows you what size you need for a ponytail, so go up or down based on if you want to just pull your hair back a little bit, or put it up in a bun.

Gather your hair in a ponytail and feel how thick it is, and compare to the sizes given below.


Or, watch this quick video! So many people have found it incredibly helpful!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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