Menu Plans

My Weekly Menu Plan

When Sean and I went away on our trip recently we had some really good conversations. They were not easy converstations, it was one of those moments in your marriage where it stretches your relationship, and you are both working so hard on finding the middle ground on how to balance everything. I mentioned in […]

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Menu Plan for Week of July 5th

I spent some time looking through my pantry and freezer a few days back. My goal was to revamp our menus to healthier habits but at the same time still use the food we already have in our home. I knew we needed to switch to using whole wheat grains for everything we eat. That […]

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Menu Plan for Week of June 28th

I’m planning on sitting down today and coming up with some good tweaking to our diet. I’ve had a consultation on eating healthier and want to get this into practice asap. We will be eating beef, chicken, and fish in moderation. Our veggie and fruit consumption will increase and I will only be using whole […]

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Menu Plan for Week of June 21st

Breakfast Monday-Creamy Wheat Cereal, Vanilla Yogurt Oatmeal & Fruit Cereal Waffles w peanut butter, blueberry syrup Country Breakfast Cereal & applesauce Cereal Cereal, Green Smoothie Lunch Monday-Cheese, Tomato, & Cucumber Sandwich, Applesauce PB&J Sandwich, fruit, veggies Visiting Cheese Pizza, veggies Lentil Soup, Salad, Fruit Leftovers Potluck: Blueberry Dump Cake, Salad Snacks Popcorn Pumpkin Chocolate Chip […]

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