Menu Plans

Menu Plan for Week of April 12th

Last week I was again realizing what a blessing it is to have menu plans. Not only does it save money on groceries since you aren’t in the store guessing what food you will need, it is very helpful in keeping everyday life running smoothly. Just so you all know, I do not stick to […]

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The Pioneer Woman Cooks Menu Plan

The Pioneer Woman Cooks Menu Plan From Jennifer Allen At Christmas I was given The Pioneer Woman Cooks Cookbook. I was going to enjoy trying out some of the recipes a few at a time. I knew my husband would appreciate the results. Midwest food with plenty of meat and potatoes, now that’s a husband […]

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Menu Plan for week of March 22nd

From Jennifer Allen Wow. It’s Spring! Along with it came 6 inches of snow. It is beautiful but I can’t wait for warm weather. This week I wanted to try a few new recipes. Last week we put together some dry mixes at church during a mixes class. I will be using the brownie mix […]

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Menu Plan for Week of March 15th

From Jennifer Allen Last week I was planning my menu to eat out of the pantry. If I have a week where we end up with more leftovers than I planned, visit with family, or have food that needed used up before I planned the menu changes. Since I already have the food on hand […]

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Free Downloads: Meal & Menu Planners

Over at Money Saving Mom she has put together some really awesome Meal Planners and Menu Planners. You can also find Freezer Cooking Planners. The great thing is Crystal made them available as free downloads! These are so helpful and a great idea to share with others who are struggling to be organized and pull […]

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Menu Plan for week of March 8th

From Jennifer AllenMenu Plan: For this week’s menu plan I wanted to try a few new recipes such as the Parmesan Chicken and Bruschetta Chicken Bake. My husband dislikes pancakes generally but enjoys the Favorite Pancakes recipe. If you smother them with a Blueberry Sauce they are delicious! For the Breakfast Burritos I have made […]

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