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I think about college a lot these days. Not just in the immediate tense. I have a husband who graduates in May after a long, extremely exhausting 2 years finishing up his Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design. He is an adult going through college, and still comes home weary with all the influences that are exactly opposite of what our family believes. It has made me think towards the future more seriously, and what our children will do about college.


I’m not totally set against college. It needs to be a practical skill, one that they feel confident they will use. I don’t want our children going deep into debt over college, so community colleges are a great option for the first 2 years. When Sean decided to go back to college he went to a community college for two semesters while he kept up his lawn care company. The cost is significantly cheaper. However a traditional 4 year college is crazy expensive, and Sean obviously isn’t even living in a dorm room!

Are there Alternatives To College?

If there is an alternative to college for our children, I’m very open to exploring those possibilities. Whether it is through an internship, online college, or starting their own business, I’m excited to see what will happen.

When I heard about Praxis, I was excited about another option being available for learning a life skill! Praxis reminds me of an internship type experience, except it is a little different.

Praxis as an alternative to college

Praxis takes high school students looking to learn a life skill, and they match them up with a business who is willing to teach them in a real life job setting. Not only that, they get paid at least $10 an hour while they are working there!

Students who want to pursue an alternative education should seriously look into Praxis.  It takes you 10 months to complete the course. You work 30 hours a week at a business that is specific to the type of job you want. Then you spend 10 hours online completing online projects, assignments and workshops.

What About The Cost?

Praxis is very affordable. Tuition is 13,000, but you earn $12,000 from working. So if you are staying at home while you go through this program, you can put all the money you earn towards your tuition and only end up paying $1,000!

Praxis accepts payments, which is very helpful. Plus there are limited scholarships available.

Praxis currently has over 80 business that partners with them, and they are always working on adding new businesses. Here is a list of some of the ones they work with right now.

Right now they are accepting applications for class that start in September and go through June 2015. You can apply here.

Follow Praxis

If you have a children and are considering an alternative to college then you will want to keep track of Praxis! You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn.

Sometimes a child graduates high school and they don’t know what they want to do yet. If they know they want to go to college, but they just are not certain of the degree yet, Praxis is an option for the gap year while they wait to start on their 4 year degree.

I’d love to hear what your family is doing about college! Leave me a note and let me know if you are planning on sending your children to college, a trade school, or online college! 

3 Comments on Practical Life Skills As an Alternative To College

  1. I’m a college student attending a 4 year public university. there are so many negative influences and downsides I am glad to see people pursuing other options.

  2. Our boys both went (or are currently going) to college. The oldest went to a junior two-year college first, and then transferred to a four year for his last two years. Our youngest is currently attending junior college.

    Junior college is cheaper and they can live at home for those first two years. It’s definitely cheaper than all four years at a University or bigger college.

    Both our sons worked or are working their way through college and both had scholarships, which helped a lot!

  3. Loved this post and thought you might enjoy 2 posts I wrote on my college experiences ( and I graduated from a highly ranked public high school then went away to college and found Christ. I’m a stay at home daughter and homeschooling nanny now and ended up getting my bachelor’s degree in under 18 months. As someone who’s been through public school, tradition college, online classes, Christian college, and internships, I love to talk about the many drawbacks of ‘traditional’ college and our culture’s emphasis on attaining status and money above all else. Best of luck with your own children.

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