We joined a homeschool coop this past week, which is a new experience for us! I’m excited over the opportunity for my children to learn different subjects than what we are doing at home. They are doing theatre, sign language, geography, and Space. I’m in the nursery for the afternoon doing a literature class with the little ones and just helping out.

The outfit below is what I wore to the coop Thursday.

Brown Cotton Knit Top (find similar on Amazon here
Rainbow Denim Skirt- Sold at The Modest Mom
 (I LOVE this skirt, I wear it several times a week!)
Wool/Bamboo Knee High Socks-Sold on Amazon here 

Scarf – Zulily deal (you can find similar scarves on Amazon here)
I have my hair pulled back in a X-Small Flexi Clip 
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16 Comments on Mondays Monday's Outfit {And a Link Up!}

  1. You look stunning this outfit! I really like the blue colors in the scarf and how they look against your darker shirt.

  2. Beautiful outfit. As someone who is making the transition to wearing skirts all the time, I enjoy seeing the outfits that are put together. I am on a very limited budget (dear hubby lost his job) and I am trying to find ways to use what I have in my closet. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!!

  3. You look beautiful! I love the whole outfit! I've seen that skirt in your shop, but for some reason it really stood out to me in this picture! Adding it to my list!!

  4. I love your outfit, especially the scarf! It's really pretty. Your earrings are also beautiful!

    Thanks so much. 😀


  5. Hi Caroline! I love your skirt! Do you wear it in the summer, too? Does the fabric feel "hot" during the warm summer months? I really want to buy one! Thanks!

  6. I agree with the others that you look lovely and classy. I have been wanting to transition BACK to wearing skirts and dresses more but my belly is holding too much chub.(having twins 11 years old will do that to you) Too bad the chub can't slide around fill in the backside. ;0) Anyway I wondering with dress shape would be most flattering.

  7. I agree with everyone else, you look lovely. I am trying to transition BACK to wearing skirts. I haven't worn them much for the past 5 years. It doesn't help that I have put on some belly weight. I put on a dress today because your blog inspired me.

  8. @ Ashley…. I wear jean skirts year round and never really have any problems as far as heat is concerned. In the winter I wear a slip for warmth and so the skirt doesn't cling or "stick" due to static. In the summer, I usually just skip the slip and have no problem. Jean is awesome for both everyday work and for a casual look when going out.

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