Saturday our whole family ran or walked a 5K together. It was SO much fun! I went ahead and did it super last minute (like 5 minutes before it actually started I was in the line to walk, determined to go ahead and try). I ended up having all 4 of the girls with me, as Sean was running with his brother and our 2 boys ran together ahead of them. I pushed the double stroller, and we made it! Even Deborah (who is 4) was running, she was out of the stroller probably ¾ of the race!

We loved doing it together as a family, and I’m hoping to do at least one more 5K this year. I’m so motivated when I’m in a huge group of people.

For a different outfit post, I thought I would show you what a workout outfit for me looks like!

I’m wearing the modest athletic skirt we sell at Deborah & Co. along with a workout shirt I just got at T.J.Maxx. This skirt is super comfy, it’s great to run, walk, do cardio workouts, and I’m pretty sure it will be great to swim in!


If you love to workout, this is a fantastic option! I love knowing that I don’t really stand out in the crowd. While I’m not wearing quite what everyone else is, this still looks like workout clothes, and it has the same fabric as normal workout clothes. It just has the right length and flow to it!

I would love to know what you wear to workout or run in!

What I Wore

Skirt – Athletic Skirt from Deborah & Co.

Shirt – T.J.Maxx

Headband – Deborah & Co.

(I don’t normally wear this to run in, it’s more of a cute everyday hairstyle look!)

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