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We have had quite a few new followers join our Facebook page lately, and I want to just give a reminder why I do Modest Monday each week. For those of you who might think it’s because I love to drag my husband outside each week and prance around to take pictures of myself to highlight, you are wrong. 🙂 For those of you who think I’m obsessed with myself and just can’t help but share pictures, that is incorrect. Finally, for those of you who wonder if I think my clothes are such the latest and greatest thing that I just can’t help but share (ha!), you are also wrong.

I do Modest Monday each week, despite the fact that I sometimes cringe posting yet another picture of myself online, because I love you all and I want to inspire you. Not that I am inspiring, but I’m all I have, and so I humbly give you the meager attempts I’m able to pull together, in the hopes of disproving the thought that dressing modestly means you have to dress frumpy and sloppy.

You don’t have to wear a mini skirt to dress nice. You don’t have to showcase your body in skin tight clothing in order to have an attractive appearance. You can use discretion in how you put your outfits together, and be chaste, meek, and modest, and yet be lovely, refined, and represent being a handmaiden for the Lord – yes even in your denim skirt and basic t-shirt for everyday work.


What I Wore:

Midnight Maternity Stretch Skirt– Deborah & Co.

Blouse- Kohls (from a few years ago)

BLack Boots- Thrift Store

Gold and Red Earrings-Deborah & Co.

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21 Comments on Modest Monday & A Link Up!

  1. I second that! 🙂

    Ideas for everyday outfits, that you wear would be great! Running to the store, cleaning house, cooking or teaching our kids at home we are still examples to our family of godly beauty. It would be great to see some everyday examples of this. I think too often, it’s easy to be frumpy at home, when we think no ones watching!

    Thanks for your Modest Monday posts! I always look forward to them, and the ideas for new outfits it gives me!

  2. I personally look forward to your post of pictures for the very reasons that you explained. It helped guide me with my new conviction of dressing 9 months when I found your blog. It has been a blessing and huge help for me.

  3. Oh, STOP!!! :). In love seeing you on modest Mondays….I am always inspired by the little ways you make outfits look beautiful. Never have I sensed an air of you showing off. I was raised a tomboy and even though I wear skirts, I still find myself looking frumpy (you know, the skirt version of t-shirts and sweats) Keep it up, I personally look forward to it and use your ideas. Thanks for putting yourself out there!

  4. I am always encouraged by your posts and hope that you know what a fantastic ministry you have. Don’t be discouraged by the nay-sayers, just continue to do what you feel the Lord has called you to do!

  5. That red top you are wearing is cute and the cut of it goes very well with the skirt. I enjoy seeing your modest fashion ideas. I guess if you had money to burn (chuckle) you could get one of those adjustable sewing models for photographing the clothing. However, it’s a lot faster to put the clothes on a human, and gives your readers a more accurate understanding of how the clothing fits and drapes. Keep up the inspiring work!

  6. I think you are a great blessing to many women in need of a Godly role model in dress and in life. I wish many more would read your blog! Thanks for the great post & for hosting, & God bless!

  7. I am so grateful for time and effort you put into your Modest Mondays and other areas of your blog. Before finding your site, I never realized how wonderful dressing in skirts could be. It is especially nice to see skirts used in real life settings where you can still clean, cook, and snuggle with the kids while being modest and feminine.

    It has been a year since I first started wearing skirts most of the time, during this year I also went through a pregnancy and now postpartum time. Thanks to your inspiration I was able to go through all these physical changes and still be able to look nice without buying a whole new wardrobe. Thank you!

  8. I think it was fate that I found your blog one day. I have been thinking about this for a while, about how I really can’t stand most of the clothes in fashion now because I am really not comfortable with anybody looking at me in that “way” (not that I am so flashy girl, but a lot of today’s styles are tight!). For lots of years I dressed pretty frumpy (if not dumpy!) to cover things up. When I clicked on your blog, it opened a whole new world- I can look nice and be modest, and also be fashionable! I love the what I wear monday posts, they give me lots of ideas. While I haven’t soley commited to wearing skirts, I find a lot more often than not I choose to wear a skirt because they are pretty, and way more comfortable than wearing pants. Plus, my son always tells me I look like a beautiful princess!
    Sorry that was long, but I wanted to share.

  9. The red shirt is a great color on you! Thanks for sharing.
    Also, if you don’t mind sharing, I noticed you were wearing a maternity skirt as opposed to a regular skirt. Is that because it is more comfortable?

    • Jordan, the black skirt she is wearing is a versatile skirt (due to the waistband) so it can be used as both a maternity and women’s skirt. The panel can be folded over for a women’s skirt, or pulled up over the belly 🙂 Smart, huh?!

  10. Thanks so much for hosting! I enjoy your blog SO much and love the ideas on how to continue to dress modestly. I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving!

  11. I always enjoy your pictures. It has really helped me gain confidence in putting together my own modest outfits and your posts really encourage me. Keep ’em coming! 🙂

  12. This is one of my favorite outfits of yours. I’m not a convicted skirt wearer, but I do find myself wearing skirts about 75% of the time because it suits my personal taste. I’m not big on denim skirts, but I love a nice long black or brown skirt, so I’m a big fan of this outfit. You look lovely.
    In Christ,

  13. I hope no one is making you feel like any of those things you mentioned at the beginning. In my opinion, the only way to effectively teach/share/minister modesty, you have to share photos. To be most effective you have to put yourself out there. I don’t give as much credence or respect to a blogger who doesnt fully involve themselves. I don’t wear only skirts, I really pretty much only wear skirts on Sunday to church. I do strive to be modest and I enjoy your blog and perspective. Keep up the good work!

  14. I am so blessed to have been able to find your blog. The Lord has been burdening me for a couple years now that I needed to make a step to honor Him, to go to skirts mostly. I being a 16 year old girl didnt want to hear it and ignored. Here it is over two years later and Im ready to make that step for Him. Thank you for showing me that my first impressions were far wrong. Thank you for showing me that I can be dressed for Him and still look like me.

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