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ThredUP is such an awesome place to shop online! They sell gently used clothing, and 98% of what I’ve received has been super high quality. I’ve had a lot of you ask how I find clothing items on ThredUP. I’d like to share with you some tips of how I search for clothing, but before I do, I have to mention their awesome referral program!

If you sign up as a new customer, you receive $10 credit in your account to spend on your first order. When you share your special affiliate link (found when you click on the Share $20 link), you can send your own special link to your friends through email or Facebook and give them $10 to spend on their first order! When someone joins through your account and makes a purchase then you get $10 credit to spend. It’s a really great referral program!


To get started shopping, go to the ThredUP homepage.

How to Shop on ThredUP for gently used clothing.

I hardly ever click on all the ads on the homepage. Most of the time the items are not exactly what I’m looking for. Instead I go to the exact category I’m interested in. For this example, say I’m going to be looking for a maxi skirt.

I click on the text that says ‘Women’, and then I select the word ‘Bottoms’. This brings up a selection of items. I then select ‘Skirts’. Within that category you can select ‘Casual’, ‘Dressy’, ‘Silk and Leather’, and ‘Wool’. I normally just select ‘All’, but you can easily select ‘Casual’ or ‘Dressy’, depending on what you are searching for.

Within the skirt category you can narrow it down quite a bit on the sidebar. To start out, select your size.

How to sort by size on ThredUP.

As you can see here, you can select a generic size (small, medium, etc), a number size, or a waist size. If you don’t see your size listed, they also have a special plus size category you can search through.

How to narrow down your style selection on ThredUP!

From there you can select what style you want. I’m searching for a Maxi skirt, so I will click on that.

Select your Favorite Brand of Clothing on ThredUP!

Next you can select your favorite brand of clothing. There are not many highlighted because they don’t have a huge selection of maxi skirts right now.

You can even break it down by style (contemporary, edgy, classic, and trendy), color, and condition.

This process can be used for whatever you are searching for, and I promise it doesn’t take as long as it did to read through the steps! I like searching for shirts by short sleeve, sleeveless, or long sleeve. Using the options on the side it makes it very easy!

It does take longer than 5 minutes to search on ThredUP, but it is nice to shop from the comfort of your couch! If you sign up for their mobile alerts you get text messages letting you know of coupon codes when you shop the mobile version of ThredUP.

Tip – if you see something you like make sure you put it in your cart right away! You can always take it out later, but it might be gone when you go back to add it to your cart!

I don’t always find clothing I want when I search. It’s the same as if you go to the thrift store and walk out empty-handed. But I have found a lot of name brand, nice clothing for much cheaper prices. If you frequently search on ThredUP, you can choose to search by Newest First, so you can take a quick glance to see what they have recently added.

Shipping at ThredUP is free on orders over $50. If you get something in the mail and don’t like it, you can just mail it back for a refund.

Have fun browsing, and try not to get addicted! 🙂


6 Comments on How to Shop On ThredUP For Gently Used Clothing

  1. I love Thredup! I got so many cute clothes this fall for both my children and me. It cost us very little, and came packaged all up like it was a luxurious purchase. We will definitely shop again.

  2. Caroline, your link to Thread Up does not seem to be working. The first image links to another page on your website, the image on that page just links to a larger copy of itself. Just fyi.

  3. I love Thredup! Just put in another order last night. I got a lot of maternity items there, and I think it’s great they include dress and skirt lengths now. I can’t figure out how to sign up for the mobile deal alerts, though.

  4. They now have a feature called “My Personal Shops” where you can save your search settings and give it a name. For example, I have one called “Maxi skirts” and another called “Jackets” with my preferences like size, color etc. They do email you when they have new items that fit your settings, or it’s also easy to come back to it a few weeks later and see what’s new.

  5. I too have found some very high quality things on ThreadUp, mostly I buy tops, cardigans, & jackets. I did get a couple of great buys on handbags including a navy Coach shoulder bag.

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