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One of the common questions I hear is, “How do you find modest clothes on a budget?” Many families that have a heart to dress modestly live on tight budgets. It really is possible to dress modestly on a budget. One could make the case that it’s much cheaper than chasing all the latest fashion trends!


Here are 6 different ways you can find modest clothes on a budget!

1. Shop thrift stores! I think this is the most common way that people on a tight budget find used clothing. I used to shop at thrift stores a lot more than I do now, but I still think they’re a great option for budget conscious families. They might require a little more hunting to find what you’re looking for, but they’re really easy on the pocketbook.

In order to save you time, shop around the thrift stores in your area and see which stores have good quality clothing and which ones just carry junk. There is no point in wasting precious time sorting through worn out clothes.

Here are some ways to stretch your dollars the most at a thrift store.

~ Shop on tag day! Some thrift stores make certain color tags on sale that day. Other thrift stores offer sales for holidays and other special sale days.
~ Use punch cards! It varies by thrift stores, but some thrift stores I shop at hand out punch cards, which when full of punches you get 30% off your next purchase.
~ Bring in donations and save! Ask your thrift store if they will give you discounts when you bring in donations. I can just bring in a grocery sack of items and get a discount coupon for my purchase.

2. Shop at garage sales! Again, this takes time, but you can find super amazing deals if you search long enough. The big downside is the time commitment and gas money. Then again, who doesn’t love the thrill of finding clothes for a quarter or fifty cents each that are in perfect condition!?

3. Sew your own clothes. This is not always the most frugal plan and you have to shop around to find good fabric that is affordable. Using coupons at fabric stores and shopping holiday sales are helpful.

4. Have a minimilist wardrobe. If you go with less in your wardrobe, you can afford a few good quality items. Some women feel like they just can’t ever buy something brand new, but in reality if you purchase 2-3 new items a year, you can make those items last for quite awhile. Make sure when buying something new that it is a classic piece of clothing that will last for a long time. Just because leopard print is in style doesn’t mean it will be six months later. If you will only ever purchase 1-2 things brand new, pick solid color items that will go with lots of other items in your wardrobe.

5. Shop online at places like ThredUP that sell gently used clothing! When you sign up for the first time you get a $10 credit to use towards your first order. I have found the clothing to be high quality; sometimes I can’t even tell it is used.

6. Shop clearance racks and off season clothing. Again, I used to do this a lot (honestly as a busy mom I shop at ThredUP a lot these days! I love that it comes delivered to my door). I still try to hit the stores a few times a year during the off season times, and have found some amazing deals at places like JCPenny. You can slowly build up a really nice wardrobe if you purchase winter items during the end of winter, and just wait to wear them until the following year.

Click here for ideas on how to find modest, affordable clothing for girls! 

I would love to hear other ideas you have on finding modest clothing on a budget!

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10 Comments on 6 Ways to Find Modest Clothes On A Budget

  1. I’m LOVING this series. I don’t have as strict guidelines for modesty. I believe modesty is a heart issue, meaning are we trying to get men to look? Are we trying to get them to lust? If no, then I’m okay. I can’t control what a man thinks or does after I’m reasonably dressed.

    I do have a few things that I follow.

    1. No cleavage
    2. Hose is a must in a knee length skirt or dress.
    3. Spanx is my friend lol.
    4. Squat, don’t bend over from the waist.

  2. I love thred up! I have also gotten some things on “like twice”.

    I dress modestly because it’s more comfortable and because I don’t want anyone to have sexual thoughts about me except my husband.

  3. I buy lots of clothes on Ebay. I find clothes very reasonable there. Plus I can buy a higher quality of clothing for very little money, even when you pay the shipping. You just have to wait sometimes, but it is always worth it. Plus I buy a lot of clothes form CJ Banks online. I wait till they have a 70% off sale, then you call the store and order and get free shipping. I can buy really nice clothes cheaper than Walmart prices. Plus they have really nice denim skirts.

  4. Thank you for these helpful tips! Do you have any recommendations for clothing stores in malls that carry modest clothing? I have a hard time finding fashionable styles that are modest at the mall and would love any suggestions! 🙂

  5. A lot of the “nicer” (and by “nicer” I mean better than Kohl’s) stores have sales where everything is 30-50% off. If you sign up for their emails, you can usually get notifications. Land’s End frequently has 30% off, and they make good quality, basic clothing. Christopher & Banks is having 40% off later this month. Some of the stores even include the discount in the outlet, and they have a good selection there. If you do buy just a few new things a year, you can get a good deal on quality clothes by waiting for a great sale.

    I like to buy online so that I can look over everything and make my mind up while my children are all asleep or busy doing something. It also helps to get the best selection of sizes and colors. Then if something doesn’t work and I have to take it back, I return it to a local store so that I don’t have to pay return shipping. Of course, it’s easiest to buy online if you know what size you generally wear from a certain store.

  6. Totally agree with all your ideas! One more little tip I could add would be: make use of accessories. You can often find scarves, etc. for very cheap at thrift stores and rummages sales. The right accessory can totally change up any basic outfit you have and really extend your wardrobe. I tend to buy them whenever I come across something I like for the right price even if I don’t have a use for it right then. And if i never end up using it, I can always pass it along to someone who will.
    Oh, perhaps one more tip: think outside the box. I found a great necklace to dress up an outfit for work. It has no clasp, which is probably why it was being sold for pennies. I just use a paperclip instead. Two second fix that nobody every sees underneath my hair anyway.

  7. Thanks for your advice! I never bought anything at a thrift store but I’m thinking about it, the normal stores are too expensive!

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