Today’s outfit is what I wore Saturday. I have heard some women say they could never clean the house in a skirt, but this is the outfit I wore to tidy up the house, and run errands in. You can wear a cute outfit even while doing the mundane things! 
My grey sweater is from Kohls (which is a favorite place of mine to find tops).
The skirt is the Women’s Ruffle Skirt that is sold at The Modest Mom
I’m wearing knee high socks
My black shoes are a walmart speciality. 🙂 
I’m wearing a small pair of diamond earrings that my sweet husband gave me last Mother’s Day! 
My hair is pulled back in a half up with a size small flex clip in. 

What are your favorite colors to wear?

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  1. Caroline, you look lovely. I love Khols, too. My favorite colors are black, grey, and dark blue for the winter months, but enjoy brighter, flowery patterns for spring and summer.

  2. You look great! I'm enjoying lots of denim, khaki, and black with little splashes of color this winter. Mostly solids, but I'm looking forward to making some skirts out of some cute prints for myself and my daughters to wear this summer!

  3. I wear a lot of blues and green because my hubby says my eyes pop in them.

    I think that when you get dressed you are more productive because you feel ready to go!

  4. Lovely!!

    That is my favourite skirt pattern, I this about the only pattern I sew for myself. I love to wear blues, pinks, greens and lavender. 😀

  5. Thank you for this post and your great site!!

    I am not "dresses only" but have come to realize that a lot of my close friends thought I was. I always wear a dress or skirt to church on Sunday mornings and am comfortable in dresses. This is not because I am put together AT ALL. It is infact more that I am clumsy and lazy:) It is so much simpler to pick out a casual dress than a top AND bottom:) I have tripped over long skirts but not as often as I would be tugging my pants up or shirts down.

    You are so right though, people think that you have to look sloppy and unput together to do housework or wear long skirts. I am not sure how that misconception came about. I wear alot of bold patterns and bright colors.

  6. I was wondering, I notice that you used to wear a head covering (I guess I saw you with one while you were pregnant with one of your older children) but now you don't. I would love a post (or just a reply) on why you came to the decision to wear it in the first place and then why you decided to stop? Thanks.

    And your skirt is beautiful!

  7. Angela,

    My husband felt that it grew to be very confusing. The teachings all promoted a different thing and the women we knew in real life all lived it out differently. Some teach that you should wear your hair completely covered, others teach it should be just a lace covering, others say only cover in church or when you pray, most say all the time. Some say girls should cover, others say only married women….it just grew to be something we didn't feel comfortable doing anymore. We didn't stop it because we felt alone in doing it, just because we grew to not be confident that Corithians was really talking about a literal covering.

  8. Beautiful, I like those colors together.

    I like wearing my jean skirt to clean! And I love wearing dark pinks, blues!

  9. You look adorable & I esp. like the print on the skirt! I'm a skirt-wearer, forever …a long-standing heritage from back as far as we can trace it {on my mom's side}. I have one favorite brown skirt that I like to wear when I am cleaning. But besides that, I am really into greys right now & I also wear alot of black & white.

  10. Visiting from the women link up. I'm glad you love Kohl's so well, from my home state of Wisconsin! And the fabric of the skirt is very pretty. I've got a few flats from Walmart, too, and I like them.

  11. Love the look! Being a farmgirl, wearing skirts sometimes can be a chore in itself for outside work. But, I do like to look nice on those inside days or days with light work outside! I love the skirt and you just can't beat Kohl's clearance!

  12. You look fabulous…defying that post-baby look! Your posts always make me want to revisit my wardrobe and make some better decisions. You always look pulled together and lovely, which inspires me that I really can do the same! Thanks so much for linking up! Have a wonderful weekend!

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