It feels crazy to be writing about high school, but we are about to start another school year next month and I will have a 10th grader! I thought I would share what I have learned so far, and help relieve some fears from those of you who are entering this season.

My biggest tip? Take a deep breath, your homeschooled student can make it successfully through!

I graduated as a homeschooler and my mom had Lupus from the time I was 11, but she managed to make it through homeschooling me even with her health challenges.

Transcripts do not have to bring on migraines, and there is help out there for those impossible subjects that you can’t teach.

Let’s ask the most obvious question first.

What about college?

Yes, you can homeschool your child through high school and they can attend college!

At this point Mosiah has not decided if he is going to attend college or not. We have encouraged him to start job shadowing some different people, and told him he could attend trade school if he doesn’t attend college.

My plan of action for all my children though is to prepare them for college. I don’t want them to decide in their senior year that they will attend college, but then be crushed when they realize they were not prepared for it. I don’t know what God has planned for my children yet and I don’t want to hinder them if God calls them to a certain career path.

That being said, I also want them to enjoy their high school years and embrace those last few fleeting years before adult life hits. At this point we don’t have plans to do dual enrollment, as I want them to be home for high school and not in a college setting half of their high school years. That’s just our plan though – there is not a one size fits all approach to high school.

What credits does your high schooler need?

Again, there is not an answer that fits for everyone. The credits you need depends on the college you hope to attend, and probably depends on the state you live in. I just know what is common for the state that I live in.

I’ll give you a glimpse of what our 4 year plan looks like (it’s honestly not totally complete, so I’ll share what we have planned so far).


9th grade- Algebra 1 (We used Teaching Textbooks)

10th grade- Geometry

11th Grade – Algebra 2

12th Grade- Consumer Math (still uncertain on this one, math has always been a challenge for Mosiah so I don’t see him going into higher up math and I want him to have practical, real life math skills before graduating).


9th grade – Biology with labs (We used Apologia Biology through a co-op setting which was extremely helpful for all the labs we did.

10th grade- Chemistry  (This year we are doing a different approach and doing more of a Charlotte Mason approach to chemistry, using the plans from A Gentle Feast and Sabbath Mood.)

110th grade – Physics

12th grade – Nutrition and Health (Still unsure on this one, it’s my plan but I’ll see what Mosiah wants to do at that point).


9th grade – Geography

10th grade – World History

11th grade- American History

12th grade – Not sure yet. 🙂


He will have quite a few electives in music when he is done, between private cello lessons and playing in a string group. He did basketball last year and joined a homeschool running group this year.

Online Programs

There are so many good helps out there now for high school! If you don’t feel qualified to teach a certain subject, you can certainly find a way around that.

Here are some options that I know of.

Compass Classroom – this is the one I’m most excited about to use this year. They have some excellent resources for high school history, science, latin, and grammar. We are going to try the grammar for writers program this year.

Teaching Textbooks – They have math from 3rd grade-12th grade, and it automatically grades! You can even call in and receive tutoring help if needed.

Mr. D Math – We chatted with this company at convention this year and it looks like another great math option for high school. They offer self paced courses, or live math classes 2 times a week.

BJU  and Abeka – two commonly known homeschool companies that offer streaming and DVD options. I have really mixed emotions about this. I think doing one class would be good, but it would make a super long day if you used this for all your subjects.

All-In-One High School – I have never checked this out, just adding it to the resource list. It is a free resource to look into if finances are tight.

Schole’ Academy – for those interested in a classical education through high school.

Excelsior Classes – An online option where students meet weekly for live classes.

There are so many more besides what I listed, those are just some that I have heard of!

Resources I like

It’s Not That Hard To Homeschool High School Facebook Group

A Guide For Homeschooling Through High School by HSLDA

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling High School I bought this book and have referred to it often!

One thing I will admit, homeschooling gets more expensive when your child is in high school! There are so many good options out there, and some families need to pay for tutoring or co-ops to help them out. That’s why I’m so excited to share I’m teaming up with some other great homeschool bloggers to bring you a HUGE gift card giveaway to Rainbow Resource Center.  We will be blessing TWO homeschool families with a $250 for you to use on curriculum, books, games, puzzles, or whatever educational supplies you might need!
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16 Comments on Homeschooling Through High School

  1. We’re homeschooling through high school also with a 10th grader this fall, so I appreciate hearing your experience and advice. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  2. I was homeschooled until I graduated at the end of 11th grade a couple of years ago, and I love reading about homeschooling! I wanted to make a comment. 🙂

    I like your idea for math! We did Algebra 1 in 9th grade, and then in 10th grade I did Algebra 2 (I think?) from Saxon and Bookkeeping from Rod and Staff. At that point I had the three required math credits and I didn’t have to do any (I have a learning disability involving math).

    I would totally recommend doing bookkeeping or some other kind of consumer math! It’s the one class in high school that has helped me with real life situations like what to do with my paychecks and how to budget for buying big-ticket items like a car or paying tuition for college.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. 🙂

  3. Heading into 9th grade with my third home-schooled high-schooler. Don’t hand over your teenagers’ entire day to co-ops, online/computer programs, and independent study. It’s a great time of life to interact with your kids on a deeper level so pick at least one class to do with them.

    • Oh I totally agree! I definitely am involved in our high schoolers education and I do things with him, but there are certain classes I’m thankful for having other options for. 🙂

  4. High school seems far off for us with a 5th grader and a 1st grader, but it’s really not!

    This is a great reminder to keep those goals in sight. And made it seem a little less overwhelming

  5. This giveaway is so generous, and it would definitely bless our family since I think $250 would cover everything else we need for next year.
    High school is still a ways off for us (oldest is 8), but I know the curriculum we’ve been using the past several years uses CK12 as a science resource which includes free textbooks.

  6. To win the Rainbow Resource $250 giveaway would be a blessing. Homeschooling three kiddos is not cheap….but well worth it.

  7. This is great! All things I wish I had thought about (I have a senior) and things I will keep in mind as I bring the rest up.

  8. I am homeschooling through high school. I have a tenth grader and three more up and coming. You are right, it is financially difficult. But it is so worth it! Thank you for doing the giveaway.

  9. High school is still a ways off for us but having resources at hand will make it easier in the future. I’m big on planning ahead.

  10. Thankyou for sharing what you have done for high school. My son is starting 9th grade and it has been helpful to see what another family is doing. I was wondering what books or courses you used for geography?

  11. I posted earlier, but don’t see comment. I so appreciate you sharing what you have done for highschool. My son starts 9th grade this fall, and it has been helpful to see what another family is doing. What did you do for geography curriculum? Patricia

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