Guest Post by Jennifer Allen

The last month has been very busy with helping my mother during a worsening of her illness, helping my sister with her new business, The Modest Mom, and keeping up with my own home life. Looking out at the beautiful ice and snow covering the landscape I’m reminded of how blessed we are in so many ways. Looking into my freezers and pantry is one of the blessings. They are filled to over flowing!

Last month I was reading along with the Eating From the Pantry Challenge at Money Saving Mom. At the time I was not able to join in. However, I took the idea to heart. Now that we have my Mom settled in our home I am having my own Eating From The Pantry Challenge. I wrote down everything that was in my kitchen freezer, and in the upright freezer in the basement. We have a fully stocked pantry as well. Now I’ll be going through the list of food and creating my menu plans. I’m excited to see what I can pull off in creating meals from this food! If my husband is happy then I will have succeeded. 🙂
Weekly Menu Plan


Monday-Breakfast Burritos, Applesauce
French Toast, eggs
Country Breakfast Cereal
Cinnamon Rolls & Eggs
Pg 37 of The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Monday-Stir Fry & Rice
PB&J, fruit, veggies
Cheese Pizza on English Muffins, applesauce, carrots
Cheddar & Broccoli Rice w Chicken, Salad
Salad w tuna, fruit

Blueberry Muffins
Animal Crackers

Monday-Black Bean Soup w Rice, Double Corn & Cheese Muffins, Green Beans
Bread, Egg, & Potato, Applesauce, Yogurt
Chicken Pot Pie, Beets, Sweet Potatoes
Pg 126 from The Pioneer Woman Cooks
Chicken Strips, corn casserole, green beans, homemade wheat bread
Eating out

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