Baby Facts Review by Jennifer Allen

The Baby Facts book by Andrew Adesman was a book I saw on the new item shelf at the library. It peaked my curiosity and as I started written I was pleasantly surprised. Written by a pediatrician the book is laid out in a easy to read manner. Dr. Adesman’s goal with this book was to try and dispel myth and information concerning the everyday life of a parent and child. He always begins with the myth, for example: Sprinkle baby powder on your newborn after you change her. He then gives the reality: There’s no need to use powder on your baby’s skin. Next are the facts: in detail Dr. Adesman explains why he believes baby powder and cornstarch are not needed, and how they can harm your child.
Dr. Adesman begins with the myths and truths of feeding and nourishing your child, getting your child to sleep, keeping baby clean and comfortable, and the truth about diapering and toilet training. He then moves on to parents big worries, illness. In this section he deals with myths about childhood illnesses and keeping a child healthy. Growing up shares about your child’s body and brain development, and what to do, or not to do, when your child gets hurt.
I was amazed how many myths I believed. This is an excellent parenting resource and invaluable book for new parents to read. If there are only a few books you want to read on parenting this one would make the top of my list. This book would make a wonderful gift at a baby shower for a new parent. They will thank you!
You may purchase a copy of Baby Facts by Andrew Adesman from Amazon for as low as $11.96 new.

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