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My mother was a pretty special person. She still is to me, but now her presence resides in my memories, and occasionally those memories lead to either laughter or tears. I felt like I lost part of myself when she passed away almost four years ago. There is still a huge gap that can never be filled, but I keep pressing onward, hopeful to pass on to my children some of the same lessons she taught me.

I’ll share with you some of the important lessons I learned, and why I love my mom so much.


1. She was cheerful. Even though she had to endure major trials through most of her life, she was the happiest person I’ve ever met. In my young childhood years I remember her enduring seizures, and learning how to take care of her when they happened. As soon as she was recovered enough to talk,  laughter quickly filled the room again.

When I was 11 she was diagnosed with Lupus, and I won’t pretend that her joyfulness was severely tested. That first year she was in bed more often then not, and struggled with depression as she learned to trust the Lord through this great trial. However, I saw her work through those dark days and come out a stronger person, filled with laughter and true joy. She found contentment and joy in the smallest things, a lesson that many of us could stand to learn.

Mother and Daughter(At this point my mom’s Lupus had went into her brain, a very, very rare thing to have happen.  It was just a few months before she died, but  my sister and I went away with her to a bed and breakfast for a special girl’s night of memories, laughs, and a few tears. Even then..she smiled.)

2. She exhibited Faith. I learned to trust in my Savior because of her faith. I learned to pray because I saw her pray. I learned to memorize scriptures using the handmade scripture cards she made for me. I learned to sing praises to God with my voice in unison with hers. She was my example, and though it was not always a perfect faith, I learned even from the imperfections.

3.  She was a devoted Mother. Her children meant everything to her. She poured her life into raising my older sister, brother and I. Many were the nights she gave up sleep so she could stay up and talk with us about issues on our hearts. She cried bitter tears when my brother walked his own path, and never stopped praying for him up until her death. She was extremely devoted to our education, even teaching us through many, many sick days of great fatigue, aching muscles, headaches, and nausea from the Lupus. I know I still fall far short of being the kind of mother she was to me.

4. She taught through example, and not just instruction. Whenever possible she tried to give illustrations and real life lessons behind her teachings. When I was in high school she finally explained to me why she was so strict about high necklines, long hemlines, and modest attire. Her life experience and the things she went through earlier in her life made it clear to me why she was raising her daughters the way she did. When I was tempted to grumble about how strict she was (we had a collarbone neckline rule) I thought back to her stories and tried to keep my mouth shut. She wasn’t afraid to share with us when it was appropriate what she had done wrong, and it made a big impact on my life. I could relate so much better to how I was raised when she was forthright and honest, and had reasons behind her rules.

A wonderful, godly grandmother!

5. She was a wonderful Grandmother. My parents were first generation homeschoolers back in the early 1980’s, when it was still extremely hush hush. They had no support groups; they simply started homeschooling one day. She endured a lot of criticism from relatives and put up with a lot of issues from family. When I started having children she made it clear that she would not get in our family business but try to just support us. She had walked the road of meddlesome family members, and didn’t want to be that kind of a grandparent. I was so thankful for her being sensitive to this, as she never went behind my back, but respected and upheld my authority as the mother to my children. She simply helped when she could. I hear so many stories online of homeschooling families who struggle with extended family, it’s actually rare to hear of good strong families anymore. Whenever I read one of these stories online I’m once again reminded of how blessed I was to have respectful parents (my dad was/is the same way).  It’s a blessing to have supportive grandparents who stay in their roles.

Truly, I have cause to rise up and call my mother a blessing. In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to share some of my memories with you, in the hopes of encouraging you in your mothering journey.

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  1. I really enjoyed this article. It’s truly a blessing to know one’s own mother, as some people don’t get that opportunity. It’s even more of a blessing to have a mother worth emulating.

    My mother & I have constantly struggled, for as far as my memory goes back, and I always struggle this time of year. I want to honor her, but I can’t put her on a pedestal, even for one day.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m sorry you struggle with your mom Molly. I hear that a lot, so I really wanted to share my good memories.

  2. Caroline your beautiful tribute to your Mama has moved me to tears. I lost my wonderful Mother to Alzheimers in 2008, it is a wicked and cruel disease that robbed me of her even when she was still alive, all I had was someone who looked like my Mother. However unlike you I was in my early fifties and so had been privileged to spend most of my adult with her and I am so grateful for that. Rest assured your Mama is looking down on you and your precious family with smiles and pride. Thank you for sharing your memories with us, God bless you always. X

    • Your comment almost made me cry. My great-grandma died of Alzheimer’s when I was 16, and she had it a very long time. I really don’t have memories of her without her mind being confused. We used to go and clean their house for them, she was 92 when she passed away and physically was so strong until the end. I struggle with the fact that my mom left me so early, I had barely started homeschooling! But I take comfort in the fact that she is not in pain any longer, and does not have to struggle.

  3. Wow! You brought me to tears! The way you describe your mom makes me want to have a spirit like hers. I tend to grumble a lot when things go wrong, but I don’t want my kids to learn this from me. I need to lead by example, like your mom. God bless you! Happy early Mother’s Day!

    • I know, right? I read this and was like “I’d love to have met this lady, even for an afternoon”…. until I remembered that we’ll have all eternity in heaven. I think I can wait a while, lol. 🙂

  4. This was so beautiful to read. I just lost my dad so I am struggling with the pain o f that, but my mom has been such a strong inspiration to me through the loss of her beloved husband. Losing a parent is such a devastating thing, especially when they are taken too early. Thank you for being so open about your grief. Your mom sounds like she was an amazing mother and role model.

  5. Caroline, what a beautiful and touching tribute to your mom. I’m so sorry for your loss, but so glad that you had the privilege to be raised by a mother who taught you so well.

  6. So beautiful! I can’t get over how much there is a definite inter-generational resemblance between you three gals in the first pic 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day to both you & your mother!

    • I just finished reading through the entire post..I apologize. I was scrolling through looking through your posts so quickly I only took note of the pic. I’m so sorry for your loss 🙁

  7. Your mom sounds amazing!! I feel your pain, my mom was wonderful too and she’s gone as well. Mother’s Day isn’t the same without them, is it?

    I’ve never noticed a mention of your dad. Have you lost both your parents?

  8. Caroline, I truly enjoyed this post, but when you said your mother had passed away, I felt so bad since she looks to be around my age. She looks so young. I am so sorry. I feel so bad when other friends mothers are gone, mine is not. She is almost 93. I have been so blessed.

    I homeschooled when it was almost hush, hush…but not as bad as the year before we started and earlier. We started in ’88 and homeschooled for over 25 years. Parents and extended family just didn’t understand the reasons we homeschooled or modesty and general lifestyle. Your mother has been a blessing to you and will be in your memory. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  9. Oh, Caroline! What a precious post! I loved reading about your dear mother. I, too, had a very Godly mother who taught me the value of modesty and holy living. Jesus took her to live with Him two years ago, and it was almost more than I could bear. I lost my dear Dad almost 14 years ago, and it was so difficult. But, there is just something even harder about losing a Mother, and also about losing your last parent. Finding yourself an adult orphan is very difficult, no matter how old you are. So thankful you still have your Dad, and I trust God will grant you many more years with him. Thank you for sharing your heart about your Mom today. What a joy to know that one day we will be reunited with our dear, Godly, precious mothers! Lots of love to you!

    • Yes, that’s exactly what I feel like, and adult orphan. :/ Thank you for the words of encouragement. I’m so sorry you lost your parents.

  10. I don’t know I missed this when it was first posted back in May (I think I must be more of an on-again-off-again reader than I realize), but I love it! I love that you still recognize the ways your mom inspires you even now 🙂 My mom passed away 17 years ago, but she is still a strong influence in my life. I actually just moved into an apartment IDENTICAL to the one her and my dad lived in when they were first married, and so even though I was never in that apartment I am still feeling a special bond to her through it.

    • Oh that is really special!! I love being connected with things that my mom had, or places she went. We went to Silver Dollar City this year and I hadn’t been there in years. I broke down crying at one point, because the memories of being there with her were so strong.

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