Just say no.

The world is screaming for our children. All around us, within churches and without, there are influences that try to grab ahold of our families.

Just say no.

Just say No. It's hard to do, but oh so necessary.

When everyone around you is culturally engaged and you feel like the only who doesn’t watch that show, or that movie (you know, the one that has everyone talking), don’t give in.

Just say no.

When your children come begging for video games, and the latest and greatest toy that you don’t feel comfortable with, it’s ok to stand against the crowd.

No is not always the bad word our children like to make it out that it is. It can be a blessed thing.

If your family feels alone, like you are the only one who cares about the influences of the world, dressing modestly, and not letting your children date at 13, don’t feel bad.

You are not alone. It’s ok to stand against the crowd and just say no.

We recently have had to say no to several different situations that have come up. It’s not always been easy. Our children have been disappointed, but we knew it was for the best. I realized there might be other families out there who feel like they are the only ones standing against the crowd, and just wanted to send you a word of encouragement.

You are not the only one with the finger stuck in the wall, holding back the water. Let the floods pour, but they won’t enter our home!

“He that followeth after righteousness and mercy findeth life, righteousness, and honor. ” Psalm 21:22

Sometimes we read these scriptures and don’t take the time to truly ponder on the magnitude of them. If we seek righteousness, we find life! That is a huge promise!

Let’s continue to seek after the kingdom of God together. Even if you don’t have a friend that you can physically link arms with as you walk this path together, just remember you have some online!



7 Comments on When You Have To Just Say No

  1. Saying no isn’t fun!! We have had to do that with a few situations lately and it really comes down to making the best (godliest) decisions for your family. It’s rough. Good to know we are not alone. Thanks, Caroline.

  2. I needed this encouragement today!! Thanks for reminding me that what’s important is staying true to what we feel God is leading our family to do (or not do) based on the principles we find in His Word. Our kids don’t always appreciate the “no’s” but I trust that they will come to appreciate the love we have for them as we seek to train them for His glory.

  3. Thank you for this lovely post! Such encouraging words. I have come to find that there are huge differences of opinion and belief in these matters, even within the conservative Christian homeschool community. Sometimes one does feel quite alone. Your encouragement means much! 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for this website. I belong to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And this website was inspiring on how to stand up for what we believe in and how to be a good example of Christ. Thank you.

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