Cold Weather Outfits for the Feminine Woman!

Are you needing some inspiration for feminine outfits that work during the cold weather? Here are some lovely ideas. I need a boost myself…I haven’t been as thoughtful on looking put together lately, and I really want to work harder at it. When I go out I think I’m ok, but during the day I would really like to take the time to put my makeup on, or slip some earrings on.

A cute Fall Fashion outfit with adorable accessories, including Lilla Rose Hairsticks!


I’m not a leopard print person but I see some people pull it off and look great. I am loving splashes of yellow, and the hairsticks from Lilla Rose are really cute with this.

Dress with leggings and my favorite bobby pins!

I like leggings under dresses if they come to my knee or longer. I love the colors of this dress and the bobby pins are some of my favorite. I wear a lot of blue and these bobbies work great while I’m growing out my bangs. Seeing the nail polish makes me want to stop and take the time to paint my nails. I don’t take the time during the winter months to paint my toenails, but it would be a simple thing to do. While I can still reach my toes, that is. 🙂 Another few months and I won’t be able to bend over with my pregnant tummy!

A beautiful outfit for winter! I love the denim jean jacket with the scarf and striped maxi skirt!

This is one of my favorite outfits! I want to put together an outfit just like this with what I have in my closet. I love striped maxi skirts and I really like denim jackets when paired with a feminine looking outfit. And once again my favorite bobby pins are in this picture!

Mommy and Me matching outfits!

This is such a cute outfit for a mother and daughter! I think I would need a longer dress but this would probably be ok for a petite woman. The flexi clip in this picture was what made me fall in love with Lilla Rose and decide to become a consultant. I love that boots help keep you warm while wearing a dress.

I love the deep rich colors in this outfit!

I love the deep rich fall colors in this outfit. The skirt looks nice and warm, so that is a huge plus! The bows in this outfit add an adorable touch.

Doe Eyed

Doe Eyed by audge999 featuring teal hair accessories

This outfit proves that accessories can totally change the look of an outfit! It would look a little simple without all the cute extra touches!

Love this maxi dress with a sweater and belt!


You don’t have to pack your summer maxi dresses away! Put a cardigan and a scarf with it and some winter boots and you can wear it all winter long!

It can be easy to look through outfits that are perfectly styled and feel discontent. Try to just be encouraged by the ideas and go get creative with your closet! When buying something new make sure it is something you will wear often!

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