I have wanted to share a look back at our homeschool week blog posts for quite awhile now, but I finally grabbed my camera last week and actually started taking pictures to put this post together.

I love seeing sneak peeks into other homeschooling families and what their school week looks like. Right now our weeks are chaotic and not nearly as peaceful and beautiful as I would like. The first few months (or maybe the first year?!) with a baby makes homeschooling days be different. Thankfully I don’t feel behind with my older ones. It’s a little more of a struggle with my younger ones, but I’m not stressed about first grade. We will catch up!

Olivia (3rd grade) is doing Playful Pioneers. She did her handwriting page and now she is drawing a picture after listening to Farmer Boy. We are slowly working our way through this curriculum, making it work for us.

Sophia has started giving me these weird closed eye smiles when I take her picture. LOL This girl is busy, busy, busy from the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed! I gave her muffin tins and bags of pom pom balls and she sorted them by colors.

She is really big into matching colors, so this was a favorite activity.

Carrianna (5th grade) is doing her Good and the Beautiful Language Arts book. I put her in level 4 and she will be done with it in November and moving onto level 5. Overall I’m very pleased with The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts, it feels like a good fit for us!

Homeschooling with a new baby is always a challenge. One way we get school done is by using my Wildbird Ring Sling, which has been a huge help! If Emily is extra fussy I’ve found that I can take her outside for a walk and she calms down, falls asleep, and then I can come back in and she will sleep in the wrap for an hour or so while I do school with the children. She really loves being outside!

I’m thankful that all of my children are willing to take turns holding Emily throughout the day, here Israel was holding her so I could work a little bit with the younger girls. She loves being held and snuggled!

I had to laugh over this, somehow the girls decided to paint animal crackers. I think some spilled on the table and they thought it would be fun to paint, which makes sense. I’ve never seen them do this before!

I’m not sure I would call this an art project. ; ) They had fun with it though.

Olivia is doing Teaching Textbooks on the computer. We are using the online version this year and I love it!

Break time with Legos! I have extra time at lunch for a break, and Israel was building a lego castle. I actually have not seen the Legos out in months, my boys took a break from them but they are appearing in the living room almost daily for the past week or two now, and the children are enjoying building during family read aloud time in the evenings.

Olivia is working through her Good and The Beautiful Language Arts book.

Time to practice cello! Instrument practice is important here, and we make time for it in our school day. So far our oldest son plays cello and our oldest daughter plays violin. Our 8 year old daughter just got a violin and starts lessons this week and she is SO excited! We also have a piano and it’s my goal that the girls learn to play the piano as well. At this point I don’t think our oldest son has time in his day to learn, and he needs to focus on the one instrument. Our other son is just not into music, so I haven’t pushed him with lessons.

Both of our children are currently in Suzuki book 4. They also play in an orchestra with friends and really enjoy that.

Sophia started “washing” the dishes this week! This isn’t her chore or anything, but she can actually be helpful at wiping down dishes to get them ready for the dishwasher! She totally thinks they are clean though! I was amazed at how long she stayed at this, it was a good hour! I finally said the water needed to turn off and she cried. Little children and water! I think this is a great way to keep 3-4 year olds busy during a school day, they are actually learning a life skill and water cleans up easily. You could put a big towel down on the floor under them if you don’t want the floor to get wet.

Carrianna is using Notgrass History for the first time. My boys have gone through all 3 of the middle school history books they offer, and we will probably use the high school ones. She likes it, but she said she wants even more details.

Sophia and Deborah coloring together from a Peppa Pig book, and sorting counting bears.

Normally Sophia sorts the bears by colors, this time she was making pretend fruit smoothies with them!

Sometimes when I’m feeling overwhelmed during a school day I’ll go sit and play a song at the piano. Here I had Emily in the sling with me! Sophia likes to come and dance by the piano while I play. 🙂

Can anyone else relate to a table looking like this? I even have my Lilla Rose stylist kit on the table, it was left there after I did a FB live one night. There is a stylist sale going on right now, so I was showing what the kit looked like!

And this is the end of the school day madness in the living room! My children like to do school on the living room floor, and then with the little girls playing there as well it can get really messy by afternoon! Carrianna is trying to finish a report she was writing on the computer in this picture.

I hope you enjoyed a look at a typical homeschool week!








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  1. I really enjoyed seeing your homeschooling week in pictures! We also homeschool but my kids are a little older and they are all on video school that they can do in their rooms. But I remember when I was teaching them not too long ago and what our table and surrounding area looked like!

  2. I loved this post. I don’t think my homeschool life is ever perfect!! Messes creep up!! I’m gong to turn the water on for my 2 and 4 year old tomorrow 😂

  3. I just had a baby 2 weeks ago. So schooling my kindergardener and finding ways to entertain my 3 year old & 1 year old and caring for a newborn is definitely stressful

  4. I love reading and seeing your beautiful children. They all seem to be doing very well in their studies.
    Thank You for sharing

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