I had promised Sophia for quite awhile that I would order her a Stitch Fix box, and finally got around to doing it! She was so elated when the box arrived, I can’t even tell you how fun it was to watch the joy she had.

Stitch Fix is an awesome way to get some clothes for your child’s fall and winter wardrobe without even leaving the house to go shop! I prefer using Stitch Fix for nicer clothes, because the prices are a little bit higher than what I spend on regular everyday clothes.

Have you been wanting to get a Stitch Fix box for yourself? Now is the perfect time to order one, as I have a special link to give you $50 credit to use on your first order! You need to hurry though, as I’m not sure how long this special link will work. ——-> Order your first box here<—— This is only good for women’s and men’s boxes, not childrens.

1. SOPHIA & ZEKE – Amber Shift Dress  $24.00
I’m sharing my favorite item first! I just love how cute and comfortable this dress looks on her, and the shoes that came with the box matched so perfectly. She loved this dress! It’s something that she can wear to church, and also wear for a more casual outfit as well. I’ll just have her wear little white shorts under it. I really need to buy her more shorts as we only have 2-3 pairs right now, so half the time she doesn’t have shorts under her dress….you know I always try to be honest with you so there is a honest mommy moment. 🙂
Oh miss Sophia. I loved the pictures I took of her because it shows her personality so well! Some super sassy, some super sweet. 😉
2. Capelli New York – Quilted Slip On $18.00
These shoes are comfortable, so cute, and they look like good quality shoes! I kept these as well, since they go so well with the striped dress.
3.XTRAORDINARY Eileena Babydoll Dress  $26.00 
I really wanted to keep this dress. I love it on her, and it felt like such a comfortable dress! I just didn’t have enough extra money in the clothing budget to keep more than what I did. 🙂 
4. Long Sleeve Peplum Top $18.00 and Trixiebelle Tulle Skirt $28.00
Can you tell Sophia is getting tired of pictures? 🙂 This tulle skirt is so pretty! My older girls really wanted me to keep this for her, but it was slightly big on her. I was afraid of her tearing the tulle, so even though it was beautiful I sent this one back.
The peplum top is so soft, I instantly fell in love with it! You can’t tell but it is a true peplum top with the cute bottom ruffle.
5. Esme Long Sleeve Dress $24.00
This is a much better quality dress than a lot of other knit dresses that I see.  I really loved how thick it was, but I’m not into unicorns so it wasn’t one we kept.
6. Rylee Faux Fur Vest $24.00
This was slightly big for her, but so soft and fluffy! It looked really cute with the dress that we didn’t keep.I’m hoping to find a vest like this for her to wear this winter.
7. BCBGIRLS Cathea Legging Set – $32.00
Sophia called this her Christmas outfit. 🙂 It was cute, but I try to not let her wear legging outfits like that, so it went back.

8. Under Armour Performance Long Sleeve Graphic Tee – $20.00
This looks like Sophia, but I’m not spending $20.00 for this type of shirt for her. 😉
So there you have it! Overall I was happy with what she got, and if I had a little more in her clothing budget I would have grabbed more…

5 Comments on A Fall Stitch Fix For Girls!

  1. I would have kept the Christmas outfit. But put the leggings under the strip dress for winter so it covered if she did show her bottom and found exceptible pants or skirt to go over leggens with the red shirt. That is how I use leggins.

  2. What is your clothing budget and sounds like you do that per child? Does it increase as they get older? Would love some tips on how to do this. Also would love to hear more details on why you didn’t like the leggings outfit. She’s sitting down in the picture so I am guessing maybe the shirt length?

    • We don’t have a certain budget per child, we just have a general budget that we try to aim for clothes each month. As far as leggings, I’ve just always stayed away from the leggings and shirt outfit when they get out of toddler age. If the shirt was tunic length I would have been ok with it, but it wasn’t. I’m learning that once I open the door to something with my oldest girl, it’s hard to shut that door again, so I’m trying to be really careful with what I allow. We did start letting our oldest wear some jean capri pants, but then she found a pair of jean shorts and wants to wear those out and Sean is telling her no. It’s all personal preference for each family, you just have to do what you feel comfortable with for your children. 🙂

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