I’ve been waiting weeks to share this news with you all! No, I’m not pregnant. 🙂 I’m sure that’s why everyone clicked over to see. Ha!

I’m going to be a LulaRoe Consultant!! <—– Link to my Group If It’s Not Clear Below! 

A what? Why? Are You Crazy?

If those thoughts are swirling around in your head, I’m sure you are not the only one. I haven’t gone completely insane. Keep reading to hear my reasons behind joining!!

First off, if you don’t know what LulaRoe is, it’s pretty awesome clothing that I already wear a lot. While a lot of people fall in love with the buttery soft leggings first, the maxi skirt is what has sold me on LulaRoe. It’s the most comfortable maxi skirt I’ve ever worn, and if I’m not wearing a denim skirt I’m normally in one of these LulaRoe skirts!

LulaRoe maxi skirt with a blue shirt and mustard cardigan.

I kept looking around, trying to figure out how I could find a similar type maxi skirt to add to Deborah & Co. I haven’t been able to offer very many maxi skirts there, because I have a hard time finding a skirt that I feel is modest enough.

There is just something special about the LulaRoe maxi skirts, they are flattering while still being modest. They don’t wrinkle, and they are seriously the most comfortable maxi skirt I’ve ever worn!

Then I added the Nicole Dress to my wardrobe, and fell in love with that one as well!

LulaRoe Pink Nicole Dress. It's super bright and cheerful, and is a great knee length dress that is comfortable for everyday wear.It’s a fun dress to wear all year long! I’ve layered it with leggings and boots in the winter months, and this print is my favorite! The longer sleeves on the dress are nice, and hard to find.

They have shirts, more styles of dresses and skirts, and even clothes for girls!

So how am I going to do this? 

I thought about this for months before joining. I obviously have a lot of different things going on, so I can’t take on one more thing without seriously thinking it through. I finally had a long call with a blogging friend of mine who is selling it, and realized this is something that we could do as a family!

It’s been hard, because even though we own family businesses, there have been only so much that our children can help in. They put stickers on Lilla Rose brochures, and sometimes help with shipping. They can’t help me blog, order inventory, or help Sean design new products. But they are really excited about helping with LulaRoe!

This Lace Lola skirt from Lularoe is just beautiful! I love styling it with a cardigan, and fleece tights to stay warm in the winter time!

We will be doing a lot of live shows (plus album sales where we just post pictures to shop from). My oldest son is really excited about doing these live sales with me (actually all of them are wanting to be involved!), and he also wants to help take pictures of the inventory. He is 13 now, and we have been wanting to get him more involved in our businesses and actually be able to pay him to help us, so he can save money for his first car. It blows my mind that we are at this point, but life has gone by quickly and he will be 16 before we know it!

All of our businesses have supported our family (which has been SUCH a blessing!), but we have had a hard time saving back the amount of money we want to be able to buy a house and move. Our family of 8 lives in a 1200 square foot, 3 bedroom 1 bath rental house, and we are majorly bursting the seams here! Add all our business inventory here as well and it gets kind of crazy. 🙂

How Can You Shop LulaRoe With Me? 

You will need to join my private LulaRoe Facebook Group!

Request to join that group and I’ll get you added ASAP. I’m giving away a pair of leggings right now, so make sure you enter! That is the only place I can sell online, and where all the live Facebook videos and album sales will take place. We will have at least one live Facebook sale a week, along with an album sale. It is going to be so much to interact with you all more this way!

2017 is going to be an awesome year! This is the year of Focus for me, and LulaRoe is definitely one of those things I’m going to be focusing on. I can’t wait to offer even more modest clothing for you all!

Let the new adventure begin! 🙂





13 Comments on My Super Exciting News!!

  1. Sounds like fun, Caroline! LulaRoe is huge in the Kansas City area where I live. A few ladies in my church sell it, and one in my homeschool group. I am going to buy some after I lose 50 pounds. Two down, 48 to go. HA! Best wishes on your new venture!

    • I live in Kansas City!! I wonder if I know any of the consultants! So much fun! Good luck losing your weight, I know I’m trying to lose some right now as well, it’s so hard!

  2. Everyone I know who wears LLR loves it. Those skirts are so cute! Do you have any idea under what condition those clothes are made and where? I won’t wear anything made in a sweatshop overseas.

    • Hello! LulaRoe is made all over the world. Originally it was supposed to only be made in the USA, but it just grew so quickly they had to start manufacturing all over. They are audited by 3rd party external auditors for work conditions, quality, etc to ensure that the working conditions are safe and comfortable and that the employees receive fair wages. The mentors had an opportunity to visit several factories in Guatemala, and I’ve been told that the environment was amazing. People were happy, they were grateful to have work, LuLaRoe has employed thousands across the world and have impacted them and their families where before they worried about how they were going to eat. Bringing it back home, there are currently 3 warehouses employing thousands of people across California. The design and development work is done in California, and the orders are sent out all over the world for fulfillment. I hope that helps!

      • That does help. Thank you. It sounds like a good company. I hope this opportunity works out wonderfully for your family. God bless.

    • Haha! No I’m not. I still take the probiotic and at this point that’s it. 🙂 Lilla Rose is my big company that I keep up (outside of Deborah & Co), and LulaRoe will be the other one.

  3. Haha! I actually really thought you were expecting. I’m very excited for you, Caroline. I’ll be praying that you’re new business will be a profitable one.

  4. Hi, I have a question. The dresses look beautiful. Can I buy the dresses only in the USA or do you sell them to other countries (I live in Germany)?

  5. I would love to purchase through you but unfortunately I am not on Facebook nor plan on being on there. I wish there was another way of buying through you!☺ Good luck on your new venture!

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