This is my third list to share on modest swimsuits and swimwear. This one is for girls. The Modest Mom may not be in agreement with the entire contents of each site listed. It is left to your discernment to glean what will be of help to you and your family. Each family has different ideas as to what is modest swimwear. These postings will not be addressing what is or what is not modest with swimsuits.

It is possible to buy a swimsuit that looks modest on top but you may want to be more covered on the bottom. You could then buy some swim trunks or a swim skirt to wear over the swimsuit and make it more modest. This is one idea to share. You could wear a swimsuit with your own pair of shorts over the top. Check the clothing policies if you will be swimming in a pool. Many pool owners will not allow clothing shorts.If there is a company you can recommend, or a business you own yourself to be added to the list please leave a comment with the name and link to the company. We will consider that site to be added to the resource list. Thank You.

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