My 7th Stitch Fix Box has been the best box yet! Normally I keep only 1 or 2 items from a box, but this time I kept 4 items. Yes, I really did! 

My stylist this time did amazing. She really paid attention to my Pinterest Stitch Fix Board I have, and looked at what styles and colors I had pinned. You can request what stylist you ask for, and I’ll definitely ask for her again (her name is Katelyn).

If you are not familiar with Stitch Fix, here is how it works! 

First thing you do is fill out your style profile. This gives your stylist ideas on how tight or loose you want your clothes, want pricing, sizing, and color preference you have. This is also the place you link to your fashion board on Pinterest, so your stylist gets an idea of what you like! I have a board just devoted to pinning Stitch Fix items.

Now you just order your fix! You have to pay a $20 styling fee, but that fee is refunded if you end up keeping any item in your box. I always keep at least one thing, so I don’t blow through $20. Every box comes with 5 items. Stitch Fix offers clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, but you can specify what you want. I don’t have anything checked on my profile beside clothing, but I might try the shoes and jewelry section next time.

The box will show up in a few weeks (you can schedule when you want it to arrive, but it normally takes around 2-3 weeks for the stylist to put together you box, and it to arrive). You have 3 days to try everything on, and decide what you want to keep. A postage paid envelope is included, so it’s super easy to send back! If you keep all 5 items, you get 25% off your order!

Here is what came for Spring, and what I think of it!

Loveappella Pola Pocket Knit Top – Kept

I love this top! My whole family told me I had to keep this top, and my 13 year old came up to me and told me I looked really cute in it. Melt.My.Heart! He can be really tender at times. And then be 13 at other times and not care one bit what I look like. 😉

The navy with the touch of pink is perfection in my book. It’s a really soft shirt and will be a nice casual shirt. I’m going to try wearing a lace trimmed tank top under it next time I wear it.

Hawthorn Carla Crochet Detail Blouse – Kept

This is a silky shirt with some really pretty crochet detail. I’ll wear a sweater over it, and I might try a Halftee tank under it and see what I think. It was wrinkly from being thrown in the Stitch Fix box after I tried it the first time, I’m hoping it won’t wrinkle easily when I wear it.

This shirt can be worn casual with the Rainbow Denim Skirt, or I can dress it up for date night with a nice scarf and skirt.

I’ve been looking for more clothes in this green color to add to my closet. It’s the perfect Type 1 color (See my Dressing Your Truth Review here) and I just love how bright and cheerful it is!

I didn’t realize until I put this on for the pictures that it has a small stain on the front. The tags are still on this shirt, I didn’t even take them off for the pictures. 🙂 I emailed Stitch Fix and they are sending me another shirt and told me I didn’t even have to send this one back. Talk about great customer service! 

The style cards they send along are so helpful! I tweak them to either work with what I have in my closet, or put a few things on my wish list if it’s something that can work for multiple outfits.

Gilli Hazel Printed Maxi Skirt – Kept

I was lazy and didn’t style this better, I don’t think the shirt is the right color for this, but you get the idea. 🙂 You all know I love blue, and this has such a cute pink color with the flower looking pattern. It’s so silky and soft and I’m going to have fun coming up with different things to wear with it!

My stylist said I should try it with the green crochet top, so I’ll give that a try next time!

I’m thinking this skirt will look really cute with some chunky sandals this summer!

Emily Rose Rianne Fitted Button-Up Cardigan – Kept 

This is a very soft cardigan, it’s one of those comfort type clothing. It’s not actually pajamas but you feel so snuggly wearing it! I love the pleated detail on the front and the color was what really sold me. This was the most obvious piece of items that I wanted to keep from the box and I’ve worn it several times already! The stylist said to try it with the navy striped top I kept, I need to try that soon.

Daniel Rainn Micha Split Neck Blouse – Did Not Keep 

I really liked the style of this blouse. I would wear it with a cami underneath if I had kept it, but I decided the colors were not quite me. It’s more muted, and I’m trying to build my wardrobe with brighter, more cheerful colors.

However instead of sending it back, I ended up selling it on the Stitch Fix Buy and Sell Facebook group! Why would I do that? Because if you purchase all 5 items in your box, you receive a 25% discount! That’s a pretty big savings (on this box it saved me $69!). This was the very first time I had ever wanted to keep so many items from a box, so it was definitely worth it to buy all 5 and sell the one item I didn’t want to keep!

Stitch Fix just came out with some pretty exciting news!

They finally are offering plus size clothes!

Wahoo! They now are offering up to 3X clothing, which is such a great option!

You can sign up and schedule a box here. It’s such a fun option, especially if you have a lot of little ones and have trouble getting out and shopping for yourself! I can’t afford to do it every month, but every few months I’ll schedule another box (think of it as a seasonal thing) and really look forward to them coming in the mail, and seeing how the stylist will put the outfits together on the style cards!









9 Comments on My March Stitch Fix Box – Box 7!

  1. I absolutely love the green top. That’s my favorite. Also liked the top you didn’t keep. That was an awesome box. I’m interested that they have a plus size option now. I might have to try it. Do they have a referral program?

    • Yes they do have a referral program! If you share your link with friends, you earn $20 in credit when they sign up!

  2. Here in Canada they just started one called Frock Box. It’s very similar, although, because they are so new I find the clothes aren’t quite as nice as what you seem to get in Stitch Fix (I’ve been creeping their Frock Box’s IG to see if they ever have anything really, super nice). It looks like they might be coming out with a few nice things for summer so I might try for May or June. I wish they did the style cards because that would be helpful. But I think it will be fun to keep trying.

  3. The navy and pink top is so fun! I love that the stripes are on the back too. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your fun box with us!

  4. I thought the floral top of the one you didn’t keep looked the best on you of the whole box! Very pretty too bad you didn’t keep.

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