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Today I’m sharing pictures of my sister for Modest Monday.



My sister and I went shopping after our mother passed away for outfits to wear to her memorial service. This is the outfit my sister ended up picking out and wearing (the above pictures are from Easter Sunday). My mother loved pink, so we both wore that color instead of the traditional black in honor of her.

When we went shopping it was very hard to find anything that fit our standards. This dress was actually shorter than what Jennifer or her husband liked, so she added the pink fabric at the bottom of the dress to make it longer. I believe after shopping for hours we finally found this dress at Dillards.

When you go shopping, think of the ways you can add something to an outfit that would make it presentable. Can you lengthen a skirt or dress, add a layering shell underneath a lower cut top, or add a shrug to a sleeveless dress? I recently went shopping and was reminded yet again how incredibly hard it is to find modest clothing-especially while nursing a baby! Just go into your shopping experience with the mindset that you will have to alter the clothes you purchase and maybe that will help you be a little less frustrated. I know I felt like I wasted my day after shopping and leaving with two blouses-one of which I ended up returning.

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12 Comments on Modest Monday and A Link Up

  1. I would have never known that your sister added the band at the bottom because it blends so perfectly with the trim at the waist and down the side. I actually don’t think the dress would have been half as cute without the addition. She’s a clever girl!

  2. I love pink! I think it so wonderful that you wore pink in celebration of your mother’s life…a much more suitable color than black! I wore purple to my mother’s memorial for the same reason…to celebrate her!

    The bracelet is beautiful.


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