I’ve been sick the past few days, so my mother-in-law graciously agreed to pose for today’s Modest Monday pictures. This outfit is what she wore to church Sunday.

What She Wore:

White Sundress

White shirt under Sundress

White Skirt under Sundress (it’s hanging below the Sundress)

Slip under White Sundress and Skirt

It took a lot to make this outfit modest, but I think she did a great job putting it together and it’s really cute on her! She doesn’t look like a Grandma of five in these pictures!:)

She said that all of the above items came from garage sales.

Today starts a clearance sale of items that we will no longer be carrying! I’m trying to make room for new fall products. You can browse all the clearance items here.

Link Up Time! 

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Please note: My blog is a bit different as I represent a business and a blog. While I love to have you all link up your modest clothing outfits, ect. please be considerate of the fact that I own a modest clothing company, and I would ask that you refrain from linking up posts that are in conflict with that-i.e reviewing other companies clothes, etc. That being said, if you forget please do not be offended if I take down your post. Thank you! 

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14 Comments on Modest Monday and a Link Up!

  1. She is beautiful! She does not look like a grandmother of five 🙂 I love the outfit. Since it’s been in the 100’s in Louisiana, I’d have to save this layering look for the winter for sure! 🙂

  2. She looks lovely! I don’t think I’d have added the extra length under the skirt, looks a bit silly. Other than that, she did a really great job.

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