I’m always hearing mothers say how hard it is to dress their daughters in modest clothes. When you walk in the little girl section, it feels like you should be in the teenager section. :/ The world wants innocent girls to wear clothes with words on their bottoms, ripped and tattered looking clothing, or dresses that are short, tight, flashy, and downright provocative.

With that being said, it’s not impossible! I do very little sewing for my girls. I find most of their clothes on ThredUP (get a $20 credit for new customers through that link, plus use the code: SEPT40 to save 40% off your first order! That code expires September 30th so don’t wait!). Other places I’ve found good clothes for them are children’s consignment sales, Target and Kohls. If I’m buying brand new clothes, I really like finding a good sale at Kohls as I find their clothes seem to hold up well.

It's possible to dress little girls in modest, sweet clothes!

Sometimes the outfits are simple. This skirt and top for my 7 year old was both from Target. I’ve found Target has been carrying little girl’s maxi skirts for awhile now. I’ve had mixed success with the quality of them, but this black skirt has held up well.

Dangle Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose works great for our little girl's hair! They have seven different sizes, so even super thick hair can use one of these!

I used an x-small dangle flexi clip from Lilla Rose Β to pull her hair back. She loves wearing flexi clips, I think besides how pretty they are, it makes her feel grown up. πŸ™‚

What She Wore

Skirt – Target

Top – Target

Sandals – Children’s Consignment Sale

Flexi Clip – Lilla Rose

Don’t forget about the modesty unit study that was just released for girls!

Modesty Unit Study

It’s The Heart, Not The Hemline is a brand new fantastic 5 week unit study to use with girls ages 8-14! Save $7 with the code modestmom7 at the checkout!

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7 Comments on Modest Monday and a Link Up!

  1. My seven year old son came home the other day talking about the girls in his class. “Mom, their shorts are so SHORT that you can’t see them under their shirts. It looks like they aren’t wearing PANTS.” At seven he just found this odd and kind of funny.

  2. We have found that lands end has an incredible selection of little girls dresses that are cotton and a great weight with pockets! We buy most on ebay and we can use for summer and winter! With long sleeves and leggings in fall and winter;) they are basically all our girls wear!

  3. I’m so glad you are touching on this issue with kids. Not only do I teach middle school and see ALL the time how kids are dressing in adult clothes, I remember having a breakdown as an 11 year old because I was getting too old for little girls clothes but didn’t quite fit in junior’s clothes and felt like they were almost too mature. There’s definitely a need for better clothes for girls! Hopefully we’ll see that grow and be more of an option sometime soon! Thanks again for hosting πŸ™‚

  4. Our family doesn’t get into modesty in probably the same way yours does, but I think elementary school is too young to have everything hanging out. I totally agree with you about the styling of many brands of girls clothing lately. It’s rushing things way too much. In addition to another commenters suggestion of Lands’ End, there’s also Tea Collection, and, honestly, I think Justice is okay. Yes, some of the clothes are ugly, but there’s ugly, and then there’s trashy, which I haven’t seen there. They sell lots of layering options, too.

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