Denim Maternity Skirt for a casual, everyday outfit! Saturday I had a rare day at home alone. It was so nice! Sean had all the children at his mom’s house cutting wood for her, and so I was able to stay home. Originally I had some online work I was going to do, but I shut the computer and cleaned house for the day. I’m so glad I did. It was nice to accomplish a lot without the children around to undo it, and I threw away a lot of trash! Most of it came from underneath my boys’ bed. 🙂

For those of you who like seeing a more casual outfit, this is what I wore to clean house. A classic denim maternity skirt, and a Ann Taylor top from ThredUP (it stretched a lot so it’s not maternity!).  I don’t wear necklaces everyday during the week, and I try to remember to put earrings on, but some days it just doesn’t happen. I do always fix my hair, and more often than not I will put some sort of makeup on. I just have some light foundation and lip gloss on here – nothing fancy.

A casual outfit to clean house in!  I’m so excited to finally be carrying plus size, higher neckline camis! I get asked all the time about plus size items, and this is a fantastic addition. So many plus size shirts are cut lower, and these camis are a staple for a modest wardrobe.

Plus Size camisole for modest layering option! The full length layering shells are available now in the standard small-x-large sizes, but also in 1X-4X! The 1X seems to fit a size 14-16 well. The plus size camis come in white, black, and beige.

A lovely denim skirt and modest layering cami! Our model is also wearing our very popular Rainbow Denim skirt! She looks classy and modern yet very modest!

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What I Wore

Skirt – Rainbow Denim Maternity Skirt

(The maternity version sold out quickly, so it is on pre-order until December as we are making a new batch! The women’s version is still available to order.)

Top – Ann Taylor brand from ThredUP

Shoes – Mary Jane shoes from Zulily

Makeup – L’BRI Pure and Natural (I just had on light foundation and some lip gloss).

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13 Comments on Modest Monday and a Link Up!

  1. I love that you are carrying plus size items now! I wondered how the rainbow skirt would look on a plus size gal! She looks adorable. Not even plus size really! I have to watch a-line skirts as they can add weight. This one looked absolutely great! Thank you so much.

  2. I’ve been actively searching for wisdom from godly women about clothing. Your blog has been very encouraging and has given me a different look on how clothes are really an unspoken “testimony”! I love these 2 outfits.

    I was wondering what you (or any other ladies reading this) think about skirts with slits in them – for instance, a maxi skirt with a slit that reaches to a couple inches below the knee. For some reason, although it wouldn’t show more than what my abundance of 2-inches-past-the-knee-length skirts show, something just feels a little iffy about the “teasing” attitude of a slit in an otherwise modest skirt. Is this silly of me to notice, or is it really something to think about?

    • I prefer skirts without a slit because I don’t like showing any leg at all…but the slit in a skirt is designed to make movement easier… walking easier ect. It’s purpose is not to “tease” if that helps.

    • Something to think about…why wear something so tight that you have to have a slit to be able to walk? I guess I’m practical, and like to be able to walk with a normal stride! lol On the other hand…there are skirts that are not tight at all, but just fall straight and are narrower toward the hem, thus the need for a slit. I think it depends greatly on the skirt, and the attitude of the wearer as well.
      Another idea: if you feel iffy about a skirt you already own, you could sew up or even safety pin underneath the slit, either all the way, or even partially so the slit is not so tall.
      I think it’s so wonderful that you have a desire for modesty. So many women follow rules and standards, yet miss the point of modesty.

      • Thank you both for your replies! It makes sense that the skirts would have a slit for practical purposes. I’m glad you both pointed that out.

        Maybe Romans 14 answers my question; if I’m uncomfortable with wearing a slitted skirt but I justify & buy it anyway, I’m not doing right by my personal faith, but then for someone else, it may be a nonissue… If that makes sense. I’m super new to the ideas of modesty and femininity, haha.

    • Some good ideas here, but another may be to wear another skirt underneath it. Like one of the longer skirts with a ruffle on the bottom…? But, like you said, if you’re not comfortable with it, then you probably shouldn’t wear it.

  3. I love the blue outfit, and she does not look plus size at all. The blue card is quite original, I love it – where did that come from? I’d really like to have one! 🙂 Well, as long as we’re talking her outfit, where did she get the top?

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