Maxi skirt and blouse

It’s been a busy week! Since we are on a school break I’ve been conquering the house! 🙂 A lot of different things have inspired me to do a big purge, so I’ve been going room by room and have quite a huge pile of things to get rid of. Between taking care of Sophia and doing this purge, that’s about all I’m getting done each day. Our goal is to have a garage sale the end of this month.

My children make me laugh and I can't imagine life without them!

The children are happy to have downtime to play. Even though we are on school break, I’m still catching my boys reading through the Usborne World History book and telling me all sorts of interesting facts. Carrianna is reading lots of Dick and Jane stories to herself, and music lessons of violin and cello still keep going on over the summer. Learning never ends!

Flexi Clips are wonderful for busy moms!

I’m thankful for Flexi Clips! They make fixing my hair as a busy mom so easy. 🙂

I love sandal weather! The Essie Nail Polish color for 2015 is some of my favorite colors!

I love sandals! I found these at Marshalls last year. The nail polish color is from Essie’s 2015 Spring color line.

What I Wore

Skirt – Maxi skirt from Kohls (found on ThredUP, a gently used clothing store online)

Blouse – Thrift Store

Tank – Undercover Mama Nursing Tank

Necklace – Mialisia

Earrings – Mialisia

Sandals – Marshalls

Flexi Clip – Lilla Rose

 Makeup – L’BRI Pure and Natural and Smashbox

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  1. Each time I’ve had a new baby I have an urge to purge (haha, just made that rhyme!) and have a garage sale! Those are the only three garage sales I have had as an adult.
    Love the blue nail polish! I still remember giving a friend nail polish about that shade when we were kids and how thrilled I was to have bought such a fun gift with my own money and how much she enjoyed having her own polish. 😉

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