I recently took a poll in my Facebook group for blog readers and discovered that a large number of ladies said they were not feeling put together in their outfits. I totally get it.

The winter months are nice because you can easily layer, bundle up, and modesty isn’t really an issue.

But it’s also a time of feeling frumpy, bundled up, layers upon layers of clothes, and by bedtime I’m more than ready to get it all off and put comfy pajamas on!

Is it possible to make it through the winter months without feeling so frumpy? In the next few blog posts I’m going to share some ideas with you all, and see if we can make it through the rest of the winter with a little better attitude about our wardrobes.

First I’ll share the story behind what really made me stop and realize how frumpy I’ve felt lately.

We ran some errands as a family the other night and Sean needed to go to the mall to return some basketball shorts. We rarely go to the mall as a family, but Nana had the two youngest girls so everything felt easy with just our four oldest along. 🙂 We all had fun looking around in the mall, but I felt incredibly frumpy.

I had on a sweater that was just a little on the tight side, thanks to the dryer shrinking it. A long maxi skirt with black footed tights that honestly didn’t match the outfit or the shoes. I was just cold and so I put them on. Then I had on my oversized wool coat that makes me feel claustrophobic, and you have the perfect recipe for frump city!

Seriously, Sean said I looked nice but laughed and did acknowledge that my feelings were justified when I vented to him for a minute.

Everyone is on tight budgets. We all would love to have the perfect Pinterest outfits or be the next size smaller. But between having babies, clothing our children and husbands and making sure that food is on the table, not all of us have those huge clothing budgets or that perfect size we would like to be at.

Let’s face our problem head on and not live in frump city. We might just have a few outfits to wear, but they could be well put together!

Your challenge today is to look through your closet and pull out anything you haven’t worn all winter long. Toss it in a bag to either send into ThredUP and try and earn a little bit of extra money on it, or donate it to your local Thrift Store!


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