Do Your Eyes Twinkle or Frown? {Day 7}

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My eyes are a dead giveaway regarding my emotions. If I’m sad, happy, angry, excited, or totally in love, you can see it in my eyes. 🙂

How often do we put on a happy look for our friends, but at home we walk around with a sullen, frustrated, or angry expression towards our children, or possibly even our husband?

Those we love the most, we seem to hurt the most. I’m writing this for myself also, I’m a normal mom that gets frustrated with her children and gives in to those moments of frustration that I later regret.

Mathew 6:22 puts a pretty big emphasis on the eye.

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

Our face is pretty important. It is what people zone in on as they talk to you, and once you get to know people very well you learn little things about them by looking at their face. For example my mom grew to have a little line almost indented in her forehead, but I knew it was from the hours of pain that she endured with her Lupus. I saw her squint her forehead, and she wouldn’t even realize she was doing it.

Our goal should be to have love and peace shining from our eyes! When we are feel like yelling at our children, stop, take a deep breath, and smile instead! The joy will come. I write this after having had a difficult mothering day. I don’t want to be a mommy blogger that gives you the appearance that I have everything under control. My eyes don’t always shine love. It’s a constant struggle to maintain joy and peace while being home with five children day in and day out. But it’s a battle I want to fight and win.

We can also enhance our eyes by putting on some eye shadow, which can help tired mothers look more awake. There is a huge difference between enhancing our eyes, and drawing attention to our eyes.


Wow! This certainly attracts attention to the eyes. Her face overall is very sweet and gentle, but then we are met with the shocking bright eyes that feel harsh.


Compare the above picture to this woman. Her beautiful  eyes and smile are what you notice, not her vivid eye shadow. She uses eye makeup to complement the gorgeous color of eyes that God has blessed her with!

My favorite eye shadow at this point is Cowgirl Dirt. I really like that it is all natural, and the colors have just enough shimmer to them to make it interesting, without overdoing it. They have samples you can purchase, which is nice to test out the colors.


Today’s Challenge:

1. Get dressed from head to foot!

2. Consider the look that is on your face. Do your eyes reflect positive or negative things? Pray about how you can have the light of God shining through your eyes.

3. Read Day seven of “Frumps to Pumps.”

4. Take a few extra minutes and actually put on some eye makeup (if you wear makeup). See if it gives you an extra boost for your day!


2 Comments on Do your eyes twinkle or frown? {Day 7}

  1. I happen to be one of those with a frown crease between my eyebrows. This morning my eyes a saying I’m tired and I got up later than we needed. But at morning break this morning, I’m going to shower and put on a little make-up and try to look more alert and awake. This is our last week of school before we start our month long fall break and then the real challenge of getting up and dresses will begin.

  2. Thank you so much for these posts. They have changed my clothing habits. I now try to get dressed as soon as I get up and even if I don’t put makeup on, I at least put a pair of earrings in that match my outfit.

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