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In the midst of preparing the turkey and making the pumpkin pies, you need to decide what you will wear to your Thanksgiving Day dinner! We normally have at least 2 Thanksgiving dinners to attend and every year I give some thought as to what I will wear.

For me it isn’t a vanity issue. I just know that I only have the chance to be around certain family members a few times a year, and I don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb while I’m there!

You might be in the same situation I am. You have a larger than normal family and you might homeschool. Two strikes against you. You are only ever seen wearing a dress, so naturally you are Amish (no offense to the Amish meant at all, I’ve just been called Amish quite a few times in my lifetime). Also, the family dinner you are attending will have non believers present, and you don’t want to create a bad impression.

This is not the time for your favorite regency period dress. 🙂 When I am fellowshipping with people who dress totally different than I do, I don’t compromise by any means, but I do try to dress in an outfit that doesn’t stand out.

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Maxi skirts are very popular right now.

Stripes are still in.

Layering is done by everyone.

Cute boots can make a long skirt look even more adorable.

Skinny belts can style to an otherwise plain looking outfit.

Scarves add a nice fashion touch.

These are all ideas of what I mean by blending in without compromising your standards.

I grabbed some family members and a friend and asked if I could take their pictures to share here. These are all outfits that would be appropriate for any Thanksgiving Day dinner. You don’t have to wear traditional Fall colors, even though quite a few of our outfits have brown in them. 🙂

A plaid skirt is a great color to wear for Thanksgiving! |

 I love this outfit my sister is wearing because it has a pop of color in the shirt and necklace! She also has adorable brown boots on, which look much cuter then the picture reflects. 🙂

Full skirt with Jacket and belt |

My mother-in-law can put together some pretty cute outfits! I love this skirt for Thanksgiving, because it has a darker color in the skirt without it being brown. The top reminds me of vibrant fall leaves! The belt is a nice finishing touch, plus she has on red high heels.

Ruffle Maternity Skirt in Khaki! Great for Fall time. |

Jessica from Candle in the Night blog is wearing one of our maternity ruffle skirts. A khaki maternity skirt is included in my basic essential list of maternity items. It is especially helpful to have at Thanksgiving time when you can pair it with a variety of tops for the perfect fall outfit!

Brown Ruffle Skirt, Cream top, and brown boots!

Finally, I’m wearing a ruffle skirt from Deborah & Co. a new cream shirt from Zulily, (Lands End) and new brown boots from Zulily! A necklace from Mialisia seemed perfect to complete the outfit.

I hope these outfits give you some ideas!

15 Comments on Ideas for Thanksgiving Day Outfits

  1. Caroline,
    I wanted to tell you how much I love your website. Once I found it I fell in love. I feel very fortunate that even though I didn’t find my true place and were God wanted me to be until now, I’m happy that I’ve found it and website like this when I’m still 19. Do you have any advice on how I can learn to be a homemaker without a family and still a child myself?

    • Hi Brooke,

      Your question about how to learn to be a homemaker while still young and without a family is one that other girls are asking, and it is what inspired me to start a magazine/ministry: Shining Stars Magazine. I invite you to visit our website and even sign up for the magazine, if you’d like. It is a place where ladies from around the globe come together and encourage each other in being Titus2 women, both the married and unmarried.

      The ladies in my family also have another resource that is more of a personal blog … It is about practicing Godly womanhood and femininity and some of our personal experiences in this area.

      May our Father in heaven bless and reward your desire to honor Him with your life choices!

  2. Where did the green 3/4 sleeve maternity top come from? I thought it was really cute (all the outfits nice, but I like the cut & the colour of that top in particular.)

  3. I saw a lady at the grocery store today wearing a skirt similar to your sister’s. I thought she looked elegant. And cozy warm; it’s cold here! I see good looks run in both sides of your family, and your friend looks adorable in her khaki maternity skirt outfit.

    Still want to try the gray maxi; now I’m watching for a Deborah & Co sale, perhaps, cough cough, on a certain Friday or Monday–but no pressure, ha.

  4. I like these outfits, especially the skirt your sister is wearing. I love really full skirts and detest pencil skirts but that style is borderline okay and I love the look of it!

  5. Hi Caroline
    Cute skirts! Love the look of all of the outfits, especially
    plaid. Big fan here! heh-heh
    I must comment about people thinking that you are amish, I found that amusing, no way do you dress like one! How in the world do they think that? I live in NY area, and even I know what they look like, also in your area you must have amish communities, so you think people would know. Anyway, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    I enjoy your blog very much, and I must say I admire your dedication, where do you ever find the time, to mention homeschooling 5 children, housework, etc…

  6. Caroline,
    I am a long time reader but first time commenter : ) We have five at similar ages and stages to yours and use some of the same curriculum. I enjoy your Modest Mondays and get some great ideas to get me out of my ruts.
    Your line about naturally being Amish cracked me up, it is so funny and true, though we don’t dress anything like the Amish… I find myself making the same effort when we are in situations like this as well.
    Thanks for the encouragement!

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